Friday, December 28, 2012

Scott wrote:

Wow - just found this blog - seems like i'm in the same boat as everyone else -- except that it's my wife of 17 years with uncontrolled type 2. i like your mantras - can relate to all of them, and I say them myself, and hope one day that I'll actually believe what it is that I'm saying. She lied to me (again) last week about her numbers - came out and said she had checked her blood 3x that day and that all were in the 100s, but then i checked her meter and found she only checked once and it was 275, and that she maybe checked 1x over prior days and all results were poor. For me, it was the straw that broke this camel's back as I told her that I cant continue like this (it's gone on for years already) and that I wanted a divorce. She begging me to stay. We have a 13 year old child. It's a nightmare.... 

I haven't done the research, but I'm going to guess that diabetes is not sex specific.  I'm going to guess the way that it works to destroy blood cells, limit oxygen to the brain, damage the heart, a person reacts to highs and pretty much the same in a man or a woman.

I have often wondered why they lie about their numbers.  I always think that if he loves me, he will tell me the truth.  The reality is that he almost always lies about his numbers.  Especially when he wants to go out to eat!!!  "Oh, I was only 105 this morning, we can go out for lunch!" Yeah, right!

And I will confess that I am the world's slowest learner.  But at least I am still learning!  LOL!!!

We all have to keep our sense of humor in order to stay sane.  So, Scott, I'd like you to know that my "camel's" back has been broken so many times that it's now a sway back camel!  :o)  I always think, "this is it, I'm done" and then I remember a good time, or he promises to be good, or he begs to stay.  

So explain this one to me.  We have filed for a legal separation, but I'm at his dad's cleaning, sorting, fixing, moving dad into MIL's apartment, moving hubby into dad's MBR.  Why am I the one doing all the dirty work?  And I cannot begin to explain how filthy dirty, dust covered - grease soaked most of this house is!  I am pulling out papers, wool and silk clothing - loaded with worm eggs.  I have had moments when I want to vomit.  I bought some really thick painters gloves that come up to my elbows, a face mask and do you know what happened?  His dad was offended!!!!  I did laugh!  I suggested that he pull everything out of the drawers and when I showed him a pair of silk long johns embedded with worm eggs.....he decided I could cover up no matter how I wanted!

For us, we have to go about this slowly.  I have to act married until he realizes that we are not.  We have to live separately  - I'm going to guess for at least 2 years.  I know him.  I know myself.  We can't just divorce and be done with it.  It's not who we are.

One of my sister's best friends was married to a non-compliant diabetic.  He decided he wanted a divorce.  He got healthy.  He lost weight.  He exercised.  He no longer has diabetes.  And she took care of him all those years (nearly 40) for what?

I'm thinking life is way too short for me to be here cleaning or for you to live with a wife who can't quit denying what her numbers are (obviously that's what she's doing).  And I think a 13 year old might understand, but if it were me, I'd seek custody.  Think of the ramifications of a child left with a mom who lies.  I often think that if they give themselves permission to lie about the numbers, they will give themselves permission to lie about everything else. 

You do not have an easy road.  But know that we understand and that no matter what you decide to do we'll cheer you on!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tis the season for sugar highs!!!

I know it was Christmas.  I know it's a day of celebration.  But must they eat every piece of chocolate in the county?  LOL!!!

Hubby and I are at his dad's and things are going fairly well.  We decided not to tell anyone that we have filed for a legal separation.  I have been cleaning and sorting like an insane person.  And I do think there is some insanity with this.  My in-laws had not cleaned in forever.  I have never actually seen dust bunnies.  About and inch deep on top of her dresser.  Not just the very top, but the top, the shelves, everything sitting on it, dolls, stuffed animals, the tops of the asthma had a rather rough day today and I need to find a vacuum cleaner around here and sweep up as much as I can before I start in tomorrow.

It's sort of funny/sad.  There are dresser drawers that I cannot's been that long since they were last opened and the wood has swollen and warped.  I opened one today and pulled out a pair of silk long johns that were filled with moth eggs.  gag me!  But I'm making progress.  Have sorted out all the dolls and gave them all to the grandkids and great grandkids via Skype.  Have sorted out all the linens, Hallmark Ornaments, and have bagged over 300 pieces of costume jewelry and will have my FIL help decide who gets what on that.  Every single closet in this house is bulging.  My MIL never tossed a thing.  So most of what is here is worthless.  It's just so old.

Both hubby and FIL have diabetes.  FIL's glucose runs from 200 to 499.  Not very good control at all  We are trying hard to remind him to take his insulin shots, eat on a schedule, take his pills (4x a day) and just keep him on some kind of regular schedule.  He is 79.  He sleeps way too much.  I'm sure much of that is the depression of losing his wife.  They had been married 59 years.  He has moments when he wants to get rid of everything that was her's, but I am pulling out little things to keep and set on shelves here and there  I told him that the Grandkids need to see their grandma's things when they come to visit and he was ok with that.

I have 3 weeks down here and find I am running from 6 am to 10 pm....and hubby is doing pretty good about helping out when I ask.  He is mostly sorting through paperwork while I go through stuff and clean.  We are moving FIL into the attached apartment that his mother used to live in.  Hubby will then move into the master bedroom in this part of the house.  Then everything else has to be sorted, gotten rid of, etc.  We figured if we got FIL into the apartment and got him to downsize to that, then it would be easier to get rid of the rest of the stuff.....and put the house/apartment up for sale.  I still think it's going to take 2 years!!!

Life is good when you keep this busy!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My sincere apologies

to those who have emailed me in private these last 3 months and I have not responded.  Not to make excuses, but my laptop died and I have been blogging from my ipad.  Not the easiest thing to do.  And I use yahoo as my email for this blog and it somehow was attacked by a website that posted 3 - 4 emails a day.  So when I looked, I never saw your emails!

Today....I am the proud owner of a new laptop!  YEAH!  And as I was transferring email accounts over....I stumbled on so many emails from all of you.  Most about the time that mom died.  I'm actually happy to have waited to read them tonight.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I did try to respond to each one of them, so if you did not get a note from me and you wrote to me, try again!  (I think I got rid of the spammer!)

Also today, we got all the paper work notarized and filed.  It was a terribly busy day.  Some sadness.  But we both agree this is the route we need to take.  As I wrote to someone, I am grateful that I know I will be getting a 6 month break.  I need it.  I am going to rest.  Work in my garden in the spring - they are all flowers if I didn't mention that.  I planted 120 tulips last fall and am anxious to see if any pop up this spring! The climate here is a bit warmer than where we lived, so I'm not sure I've planted them too deep for the old months.  I will find out soon enough!

I have to repaint the ceiling in the house, take are of a few other things when I get back.  So I will be busy and I will keep posting.  We are moving forward with debt reduction negotiations with his creditors.  That will be an interesting project.  I've done a ton of research so I think we can handle this on our own.  When I went to the court house today, the clerk was impressed with how accurately we had completed all the paperwork and said that we didn't miss a single form. She couldn't remember that ever happening.  I was pleased.  If one can be pleased about getting a separation.

Once again, my apologies to all of you who wrote when mom died.  I do think I'm going through the grief process just fine and am on the upward side of things.  Life is starting to look a little better.  I'm getting more active with my art and will teach classes once I get back home.  Hopefully I can have 6 months of happy posts here!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Agreeing to agree

He is home and things are going ok.  Medically:  horrible digestive problems.  Not sleeping.  Terrible back, hip pain.  Glucose a little high, but better than it has been.  40 units of humulin ru 500 each am and pm.  That's a ton of insulin going in.

We are heading back to his dads this weekend as his brother will be flying home.  I will stay 3 weeks then drive home.  He will stay 3 months, then home a month, then back for 3 months.  Then we will reevaluate.  We have agreed to get a legal separation and he is going to quit claim deed the house to me.   Probably the best of all worlds for now.  I see a difference in him.  He now has to look after his dad and it is wearing on him.  Yes, I could stay with him, but he actually wants me here as he's not comfortable leaving our home unoccupied for an extended period of time.  I also think he does not want me to have the stress of being there when I want to be here with my family.

It is interesting as I see my family moving forward thru our grief process over mom ....and his family is not.  They still talk as though his mom is coming home tomorrow.  His dad was here for 2 meet his gr grandchildren.  I agree with my hubby that if they moved his dad right now, it would kill him.  So we are agreeing to agree to this arrangement for the next 6 months, then we will reevaluate it.  Hubby does not want to stay at his dads, but for now, it's what he thinks is best.  I'm letting him call the shots as I do not want to be blamed for anything that goes wrong.  And I think a legal separation may be a soft way to proceed with a divorce.  I'm not saying that we won't live together in the future, but for now, this is what we both agreed will work best.

And this may just be the whack on the side of the head that hubby needs to wake him up.  He is still extremely upset at how fast his mom died and with absolutely no warning.  I guess he thought that really didn't happen??  I am praying that he realizes what this would do to those who love and care about him if he drops dead from a heart attack.

Needless to say, it will be an interesting few months and I am planning to use my time to rest and gear up for whatever the next phase of my life might bring!!  I will continue to post updates to his medical condition from time to time.


Sunday, December 09, 2012


He's home.

This is not my disease.

I can not change him.

I cannot fix him.

He is going to die.

This is his life, not mine.

There is no reason for me to get upset because I cannot change him.

These are his choices.

I am the only person who can make myself happy.

Just some of the mantras that help me get through each day, moment by moment.

Things are going pretty well.

As long as I remind myself of the above...moment by moment.

He is very happy to be home.  We have so much to do.  So many decisions to be made.  But not today.  His dad and brother are here and that is more than enough stress for me.  I also am not doing well with all the indecisiveness going on.  So i am moving forward with my own plans.  I will go back to his dads with him in a few weeks and stay until about 1/13.  Then I will come home.  He can make his own decisions.  Life will continue no matter what he decides.  This much I have learned!

Little things that he doesn't see.  He got home Friday night.  It is now Sunday night.  So in the last 48 hours, here is what he has eaten

Pound of grapes
Half pound of chicken
Quart of v8 juice
Egg muffin
Egg, bacon. Potatoes and muffin breakfast at a restaurant
5 slices of a large pizza
Egg, bacon biscuit
Meet, cheese and cracker tray
Burrito, potatoes and rice at a restaurant
Chips and salsa
Half a box of vanilla wafers

I cannot afford to have him here!!!

But for  now, all is well.

For that, I m extremely grateful.


Thursday, December 06, 2012

And the plans have changed again!

Now, hubby, dad and brother are leaving early tomorrow and will drive straight thru.  They will be here a week and then drive back.  Hubby will stay with his dad for 2 months, then come home for a month while his brother stays with their dad.  They will rotate this for a year???  I'm not sure I like that at all!!!  But maybe it will work out.  Who knows.  All I know is that I was not expecting them here for 3 more days so I better get busy!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2012


No bankruptcy.  He agreed to cash I a pension and use those funds to pay off his debt.  The attorney will work with his creditors to get the balance as low as possible.  Once that's done we will see where we are financially.  I am pleased that he will not go through bankruptcy.

He may be home by the middle of the month.  Bringing his dad and brother with him.  My biggest question is what is the plan if his dad moves here and hubby gets sick?  I cannot be responsible for his dad.  His brother has to agree to come get him.  And I think we all know that hubby will get sick.

Kind of amazing that he's been so healthy the pasta 2 months, huh?  I think he can stay healthy here, or go back to his dads!!!

I am doing good.  Walking a again, eating healthy, getting more done around here.  You know how it is when you move into a new place. You put things away just to get them inboxes.  This week I've been organizing a bit.  I had meds in 3 different places and now they are all in one place.  Things like that.  Feels good to make a little better sense of where things are.

Busy week ahead.  My sister got all moved in and we have been working to get all of her stuff unpacked.  Will be so nice once we all all settled.  So I now have 2 sisters living where I do and our brother is 30 minutes away.  Our other sis is about 4 hours away so guess we start working on her!  She says not until she retires.  Ha ha!

I plan to totally enjoy these last few days before the drama starts in.  Yes, I will still talks to a divorce lawyer....but I do plan to go very slow and make a solid decision, not one based on anger.


Sunday, November 25, 2012


He can drive me insane at times like this.  We have a very old laptop (2001) that we use as a media server in this house.  We do not have TV, cable, etc., so he loads movies on to external hard drives attached to this laptop and we can watch the movies from any room.

So the server needed to be rebooted and when I did that, it lost it's connection to the wireless network, and forgot the password.  I typed in the password I thought he used.  It's only 22 digits long.  A little paranoia there?  I have begged him over the years to make it shorter....nothing doing.

It came back invalid.

I called hubby and asked him if he could give me the password for the home network.  I was then back at the desktop in his bedroom.  So he says (blah blah blah) and I said, no, that's the log in password for that computer.  Way too short for the internet password.  He says, "which wireless are you trying to log into?"  I said (2nd time) the "home network".  He says "B----?" and I said, "yes".  So he starts quoting the password and I said,  "no, that's wrong, it starts with N-----"

And he said, "what network are you wanting?"

And I said, "OK, I cannot deal with this tonight.  I just don't need this".  And I hung up on him.
He called right back, but I didn't answer.  I mean, seriously, how many times do I need to tell him which network?  We only have 2 networks.  One for him to use and one for me, guests, anyone else, including the media server and it's just identified as "home".

He has to be having a sugar crash to be this dumb.


he's watching something on TV at his dad's and is trying to talk to me, but is paying more attention to whatever is on TV and not hearing a word I'm saying.

Let's take a poll.....what do you think???

OK, I need to have a little fun out of this, but I swear that when he gets "stupid" like this it absolutely drives me insane.  I'm going to bet that he calls me back at 9:30 pm when his "Sunday night TV shows" are over.

In the meantime, I did track down the password by going into his desktop and looking at his keychain.  Sure enough, there it was.  Sigh.  At least I can now watch a movie tonight.  I totally think I should put a TV in the bathroom where I could take a long hot bath and watch a movie!  Should be a requirement for any woman!



Friday, November 23, 2012

Life is hard

And I haven't had a moment to think.  Cleaning my sisters new place, helping her move, art classes, family...the days are flying by that's for sure.  Long distance marriage is getting interesting. Hubby wants to file for bankruptcy and I am opposed to that.  I know that he has ran his credit card bills up too high and that it wasn't his fault he was laid off.  But I do not want to risk losing this house or the small inheritance from mom, so I will meet with his bankruptcy attorney next week and plan to include divorce in that discussion.

Once that's done I will talk to a divorce attorney.  One step at a time.  In the meantime, I'm moving forward with some much needed dental work, new glasses, etc., and I want to take care of it before hubby gets home.

Thanks to those who wrote such nice words after my last post.  It really helps to know you know what I've been through.  While I have a hope that hubby and I will work it out, I've decided to make sure I cover all bases.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I went to my brothers and had a perfect day.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Truly considering a divorce

No, I won't make that choice yet, but I may tell  him I'm ready.

Twice now, he has wanted me to do something that I didn't want to do (financial stuff) and each time he has said, "if you don't want to do this with me, what is the point of staying married?"  I realize that he is simply saying this to manipulate me.  And I'm about ready to tell him that there is no point to staying married.

I've been on my own for 2 months now.  Missing him less and less.  Feeling more and more like suggesting he stay with his dad and we do a trial separation, or a legal separation.  Maybe I'm just in a bad mood tonight because he called today,  wanting something else.  When he started in with the "you just don't love me ..."  I told him to stop and hung up on him.

But I have to confess that he did not sound right and I should have known that the minute he started  talking he was not well.  Sugar off?  He hasn't done labs since June.  As of tonight, he can stay where he for another 6 months!  LOL!!!

Maybe I had forgotten how it is to live without diabetes and maybe I like this.

I'm sure time will tell.  I'm not sure I have the strength to go through a divorce.  But I may at least talk to a lawyer.  Mom once said that when she died all of her kids would fall apart.  Maybe this is me falling apart.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fabulous week!!!

A friend of mine from our old home came to visit and spent a week.  We had so much fun.  Ate out.  Shopped.  Took a couple of art classes.  Hosted an art class here.  Talked forever.  I cannot believe how fast the week went.

Hubby is getting more and more homesick.  Planning to come home the second  week of December now, so I have much to do before that!  Starting to get cold outside, so I'm cutting back on my yardwork.  But what great therapy that has been this summer.  I can hardly wait for spring to see if the 120 tulips I just planted come up!  I still have flowers to cut back - hopefully next week.

So it's been a week since I've had a moment alone.  A cousin came to stay last night and 2 of my sisters were here.  2 other friends stopped by so there were 7 of us here around the table laughing and creating.    Sort of glad hubby is gone.  I think every spouse of a diabetic need a couple of months off every year!  I may have to send him to visit his dad every winter....that's if his dad doesn't move here.  Nope, not even going to think about any of that right now.  Just continuing to enjoy the break, have a little fun, get a few more things done and prepare for the coming storm when he gets home!  LOL!!!


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Life is good

Hubby is still staying with his dad a thousand miles away.  And will be gone at least another month.

He still complains, but I don't have to hear it all day long.  He still does not sleep at night.  Still gets upset at the tiniest thing.  But it is nice to be far away and not deal with it.

Can I maintain when he gets home?  I'm going to try!

No labs since June.  No way to really know how he is doing.

I do worry.  But I just put the thoughts on the back burner.  Enjoying this reprieve, using the time to get in some good rest.  Enjoying a very quiet solitude.  Spending lots of time with my sisters.  Doing things I have put off for years.  It really is nice!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Has it really been 11 days?

since I last blogged?  How can it possibly be 4 weeks since mom died?  5 weeks since his mom died?  I feel like I only blinked my eyes is just on fast forward.

We had our second grief class this week and I feel certain that my sisters and I are on tract.

Hubby is still 1000 miles away with his dad and I feel certain they still have not even started the grief process.  FIL wants to go shopping every day and I told hubby today that I think it's way of avoiding facing his grief and that rather than shopping, they drive by places FIL and MIL used to go together, sort of gently force the grieving to start.

But can you imagine.....both men are diabetic???  Feeding off each other????  I have simply decided to stay home and go through my grieving alone.  And I have to say, I am enjoying the caregiver break!  I am getting rested, started watercolor painting classes, taking the grief class, walking, eating much more healthy, and going to start a Bible study.  Finally.  Time out for me!

I do know that I will eventually go.  But hubby are doing ok with a "skype marriage".  We talk several times a day, probably more than we did when together.  We are talking a ton about what is said in my grief classes and I think he needs this.  He's just fine talking about my mom.....hopefully that will progress to him talking about his mom.

Still no idea where FIL is going to end up living.  Still no progress on sorting through MILs things.  I think I'm ok if hubby decides to stay with his dad most of the winter.  He's thinking of flying home for a few days in late November.  It really is amazing how much business you can accomplish with emails, online signatures,'s really a new world, isn't it?

In the midst of all of this, we have changed health insurance and gone from premium option to standard option.  It is the first time in my entire life that I have not had premium insurance and I think the co-pays will kill me.  But we can no longer afford the cost of premium insurance.  Retirement does that.  I told hubby he simply has to go less, and be more in control of his own body, not require doctors to review him every other month.  We now live in a tiny community and have to drive over 100 miles to see a specialist.  He can get labs done here, so we will stay on top of that for sure.  Of course, he has gone a year in the past without getting labs.

Things do seem to be settling into a routine of sorts.  I have no idea how long we can maintain this way, but for now, all is good.


Sunday, October 07, 2012

Hospice, so wonderful

They offer support for an entire yer to the whole family.  My sisters and I will start a class this week.  Last week we went to a group session...just to hear what they had to say.  I think it will help.

Grief applies to spouses of diabetics as we lose the normal spouse we married and as we lose his ability to do things.  The loss of sexual relations due to ED.  The loss of having an able bodied spouse who can help.  The loss of money that goes to pay for medical expenses.  The loss of a job because you have to take care of someone else.  The loss of the marriage because you can no longer take all the highs and lows.  There are just so very many losses with this disease.

Last week they said don't do anything fast.  Don't make any quick decisions.  Don't get rid of the deceased's stuff.  I thought that was interesting.   We gave out all of moms belongings within a week.  She was staying with my sister who just wanted to get back some semblance of a normal life and she had given up her bedroom for mom to stay there.  I will never fault her for doing what she did with such great speed.

But hubby's dad is different.  He will need to hold on to MILs stuff, touch it, feel it, remember her through it.  Proof we each grieve in a different way.  And I think each of us spouses must surely grieve the loss of our healthy spouses in a different way.

I wonder what would happen if I went to a grief support group and said I was there to grieve the loss of my healthy husband.  Would they ask me to leave?  But that is exactly what I did for quite a long time.  And I go thru the whole grief process every time we have to give up something we enjoy doing because he has a new set of problems.

I hope that as I progress thru this series of classes that I can process the loss of my mom and his mom.  But I hope I can apply it to the loss of my healthy husband as well.  It's going to be interesting to say the least.

Tonight he is tired and wants to come home, but knows that he has to stay there until his sister in law arrives which will be a few more weeks.  He was listing all the things he missed here...but sort of changed his tune when on I said I missed him....I missed him mowing the yard, missed him picking up the mail, missed him doing this and that.  Maybe he's not missing it here nearly as much as he thought!  LOL!!!


Saturday, October 06, 2012

Someone said

Now is my chance to leave him.....back on my lst post.  Well, I've had enough grief counseling in my life to know that now is not the time to make any life decisions.  I need to put anything like that off.  I need to grieve the loss of my mom.  Not leave hubby.

We are learning to live as a Skype couple.  At least with Skype y can see each other when you talk, see the body language.  We are working thins out.  He is going g to stay there and I am going to stay here.  As long as it takes.  Neither of us are going to make any major decisions.

And I think that is perfect.  I am getting a much needed break.  And finding time to be with my sisters so we can get through the grieving process.  It must be different when you lose a second parent.  It sure feels different.  I think it's going to take a long time.  But we will get through it together.

And hubby is learning what it is like to care for a parent.  Maybe in that process, he will start taking better care of himself.  I am not worrying about him.  I am doing just fine on my own.  Hopefully when he does come home, things will be better.  Ok, I have earned the right to dream!!  LOL!!!

My biggest problem is that since mom died, I haven't been able to sleep.  In fact,none of us have.  S this week I'm going to work on that.  Ha!  I'm setting goals.  I think that's a good thing.  Lets hope I get a little more sleep tonight.


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A very rough day.

Here we are, about a thousand miles apart.  Each of grieving the loss of our own mom without the support of each other.  Hubby got mad because he took something I said the wrong he decided we should get a divorce.  Was that a sugar low?  How can I tell?  I'm here, not there.  I have no idea if he is doing what he needs to do to keep his sugars in control.  I imagine not.

I went to grief counseling.  Maybe good ideas.  I called him and told him what they said.  He agreed with everything.  This was 6 hours later.  We're his levels back in control?  Within 6 hours he changed from getting divorced to loving me and staying together.

I have learned to give him time when stuff like this happens.

I did NOT need this today!!  In fact, I don't ever need it!!

Perhaps he finally gets it that we both have to grieve and it is going to be in different ways, at different speeds, and different processes?  I suggested to him that he needs to fly home and give his dad a few days alone so his dad can start to grieve.  He said maybe.  I know he is scared to death his dad will die alone.

We may be apart awhile.  The longer I am here, the more he schedules for me to do.  And I'm fine with that because its all stuff that has to be done.

And I think I need some space and time alone to grieve my loss.

Hopefully, he will keep his promise to me not to threaten divorce every time he gets upset over something I say.  I sure hope tomorrow is a better day.  I've had my stress quota for the month already!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

And some good news, finally!

Hubby was approved for Social Security disability.  No appeals.  It only took them 6 months.  I had expected it to take 2 years and all the appeals.  So medically speaking, is he worse than I think?

Will be grateful for the extra will help.

Really hard week grieving my mom.  My birthday week.  What a combination.  Hubby wants me with him...I told him I just need a little more time.  I don't have the energy yet to face cleaning out his moms stuff.  I'm not sleeping most nights.  Hopefully in another week....


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How much stress...

can a couple handle?

Hubby was laid off/retired in March.  Our income was reduced by 80%.  We cashed in all our savings, sold tons of stuff, downsized by 2/3 and moved 125 miles away the end of May.  From big city hectic life to a small retirement community.

3 weeks ago, I had a lumpectomy.  A week ago last Friday his mom passed away.  Last Friday he buried her the same day my mom passed away.  Today we buried my mom.

Hubby is 1000 miles away taking care of his diabetic, heart patient dad.  I am here taking care of things that have to be done after my mom's passing.  Then I will have to join hubby and help him sell off everything and put his dad's house on the market and move his dad.

My diabetic husband who could barely take care of himself, staying with his dad.

I wonder if we will survive.  I honestly wonder how long his dad will live.  He has a pacemaker in.  He has had numerous heart attacks.  Diabetic. If I remember correctly, he takes 72 pills a day (many of them are vitamins and nutrients) but what a sight to sit and watch him count them all out every morning.

I worry that hubby will say there is no reason to stay here now and want to move somewhere else.  I just don't think I can move again.  I don't see how.  But there is no reason we couldn't move into his father's home and take care of him there - I can feel him thinking that - he just hasn't asked that question yet.

Tonight, I'm emotionally drained.  So hard to bury your own mom.  Maybe the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  I will cherish the memory of her forever.


Monday, September 24, 2012

My mom

Mom passed away at 2:13 pm on Friday.  I am sooooooo grateful that I made it home in time.  And that hubby was able to get back to his parents to attend his mom's funeral on Friday.

Who could ever fathom the timing of this.  Both of our mom's going a week apart.

Both of us separated by more than a thousand miles.  I know he wants to be here with me, but he has to be there.  I feel like I need to be with him, but know I have to be here.  We bury my mom tomorrow.

It is certainly a mixed bag of emotions.  I know I'm not doing well at processing any of this.  I knew mom was dying.  But I didn't really think it would be this soon.  I sat and watched my dad die 20 years ago.  But this was different.  Mom's fingers and the palms of her hands started to turn purple.  The hospice nurse (oh! they were so kind and gentle with her and with us) explained the process.  They thought she had an hour left.  Her heartbeat was 138 beats per minute.  Her breathing was 26 breaths a minute.  They said equated to her running a marathon.  She ran that marathon for 4 more hours.  I personally think her heart gave out.  They kept her well sedated with morphine.

I was sitting on the right side of her bed, praying for her to be out of her pain and I thought her face had started to turn purple like her hands had done.  So I stood up to look at her whole face, and it looked rosey pink.

I walked over the the other side of her bed and sat down and started counting her breath rate.  Still the same that it had been for the last 4 hours.  I prayed that it would slow down.  I knew she was still running her marathon.  That was 2 pm.  At 2:05, I counted again, still the same.  I don't know why I was counting so often, but it gave me something to do.  My 3 sisters were out in the kitchen talking.  My brother was sitting over on the sofa.  Most of us had severe back pain at this point, but I couldn't leave her side.

At 2:08 pm, she suddenly did not take a breath in.  I sat up straight and started counting seconds in my head.  At 30 seconds I said to my brother, "tell the others, mom quit breathing."  Just as my sisters walked in, she took a deep breath.  And for the next 5 minutes - what seemed an absolute eternity, she would quit breathing, then take in a breath....probably less than 1 breath per minute.  Her face drained of blood, her tongue had literally turned black.  We had heard the death rattle for the last 4 hours.  We knew it was time.

I could not look at anyone for the tears.  I just sat there.  I was so relieved because she was out of pain.  But I was in so much grief I thought I couldn't breathe.  Know that she had been in such excruciating pain that at times, she would cry out for God to take her.  My heart just ached for her when she did that.

And now it was over.

We had so many people to call and tell.  So many emails to send out.  She had 5 children and each of us grieve so differently.  I needed to be creative....and was.  The sister next to me rearranges furniture, the next one drinks that youngest one cleans and my brother called me every hour just to connect.

It's been 3 days and it seems like time stopped the moment she quit breathing.  When my hubby called today I told him that I have to stay here as long as my siblings need me.  He agreed.  But his brother flies home tomorrow and that will leave him alone with his dad and he said he was so afraid that his dad would die before I got there.  I said, "Sweetie, you simply have to prepare for the fact that your dad can pass at any second and the only thing you can do is call 911."  And in all honesty, I do not expect his dad to live much longer at all.

How much grief and loss can one person bare?  Yes, Tom's Wife, I know I'm still recovering from my own surgery which not even 3 weeks ago.  I noticed yesterday how painful my right breast has become.  I am trying to take breaks, sit and rest, watch a little TV, as I can.  The good thing is that when I get to sleep, I am sleeping well.  But I am having trouble getting to sleep. My brain simply won't turn off.

I am so worried about my hubby.  Can he survive this?  Will he be the next to go?  I know I need to get back to where his is as quickly as I can.  But I know I need to be here to support my siblings.  I told one of my sisters today that I'm just not functioning right.  She knows how stressful this has been for me.  She came over and we just sat and talked all afternoon.  It was great.

I've now seen both of my parents die at home.  Dad took 6 weeks, mom took 8 weeks.  My husband's mother walked around the side of the bed and had a massive heart attack and was gone in a minute.  I can certainly say that while the latter is a huge shock to the survivors, I would much prefer to go that way.

Life is certainly hard.  It just seems this year we have had so much happen.  Hubby lost his job, retired, we moved, we had my cancer scare, his mom died and now mine.  We have to be at 100% for something going wrong with us physically.  I am trying to stay calm so I can stay healthy.

Tonight, I'm just numb.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

My mom

We got the Call Tuesday night that my mom was failing fast.  I needed to come hme.  Hubby would not let me drive alone.  Because of the time, distances from airports, I knew I could drive faster than flying.  We drove all night and were at moms by 9'am yesterday.  We have said our goodbyes to her and now we wait.

I think he needed to come tell her goodbye as he didn't get the chance to tell his own mom.  He seems more at peace.  Today, his son will meet me 2 hours away and take his dad on to the airport where hubby will fly back for his moms funeral.

I am staying home until my own mom passes which we think might be rather soon now.  She has ceased taking in any water or food.  Simply comes back up.  She wants to have you hold her hand.  I will be doing that as much as I can starting this afternoon.

Hubby does not want to leave.  He wants me by his side all the time.  I understand that.  But what else can you do when you are in a situation like this?  When mom dies, I will need to stay here a few more days, then drive or fly back to start packing up his dad.

Hubby's diabetes and the non stop roller coaster ride have prepared me for this.  Just one second at a time, one incident at a time, one step in front of the other.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Life is good.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

His mom

Frifay 4:30 pm.  Had just handed her hubby a diet coke and was walking around to her side of their bed.  They always take afternoon naps while watching tv in their room.  She had a massive heart attack and fell to the floor.  The paramedics arrived and revived her.  Got her to the hospital and had to revive her again, and then she died.

His brother called us at 6:30 pm as he was coming in with fresh grilled hamburgers.

I threw them and everything else in the freezer and in 45 minutes we were packed up, puppies packed, and on the road.  12 hours later we are here at his parents hme.  Picked his brother up at the local airport.

His dad is a diabetic, but his brother is not.  None of them are grieving....they are all in shock.  All day yesterday, they watched football and joked.  It was as if mom had gone to get her hair done and would be right back.  It,was so interesting to sit here and watch them

Knowing my moms condition, I expected to,get the call that she had passed.  We were totally unprepared for this and my hubby is so very very close to his mom.  He finally commentEd last night that he thought he must be a horrible person as he is not sad that she died.  I explained the grief process and told him he was still in the shock and denial phase.  But I also assured him that he should be so grateful that she went fast and did not suffer as my mom is doing.  He agreed.

I'm certain his entire body is out of whack with adrenaline running sky high, not sleeping properly, eating in the middle of the night...but now is not the time to worry about that.  I'm concerned that his heart will not sustain such grief when it does set in.  I'm even more concerned about the coming depression when he finally realizes mom is not coming back from her hair appointment.  I fear it will be significant.

I have written about her in the past.  In summary, she got shingles which went to trigeminal neuralgia in her eye.  She had gone blind in that eye with continuing severe pain.  Was looking to have the eye removed and the nerve cut.  She had suffered much in the last 3 years.  Form that standpoint, this is a blessing.  But that's something he will never understand.  Hie would choose to have her here, suffering as she was, than have her gone.  Something I understand...but I don't.

She took care of his dads diabetes.  Set his meds out for him daily.  We all agree that he cannot live alone.  He is 80 with heart, kidney problems and severe skin cancer.  Many decisions have to be made in the next couple of days.  Life changing choices.  We live 1100 miles from hubby's brother.  Dad could move into the little retirement center where my mom was.  Or hue can move to the other sons 5 bedroom home and be with him, his wife and 20 year old daughter.  But what if he refuses to leave here?  And the house has to be cleaned, things sold, moved...much work to be done and it rests on his 2 sons to do this.

As I look around here, it is hard to fathom she is gone.  Everything is just as it was when she was walking around the side of the bed on Friday.  And the realization that could happen to any of us.  I need to get up and clean my house every morning.  And no wonder mom said to put on clean underwear every morning!  What if it is my sister wh has the next heart attack and drops?  What will we do with mom?   Mom could live as she is anotherm10 years.  I Ned to do more to help my sister provide care for her, but how do I do that with a diabetic husband that exists me most days?  And when does life become too much and you have t say no?

All great questions.

No answers today.

I do not know how long we are staying.  I may fly hme this week.  I may drive home and he stay and fly later.  Mostly we just need to get through the next couple of days, make decisions, and g from there.    Amazing how much life changes with a single telephone call.


Friday, September 07, 2012




Surgeon said it does not look cancerous

Pathology in a week

Interesting...problems breathing without oxygen in recovery

Took  4 hours to breathe on my own

Finally, success, release, 3 hr drive gone

48 hrs later it feels like the semi hit me head on!

Will be as good as new in a couple more days.

Glad it's over and the mass is out

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Memory problems

We have a PO box that has a different zip code from our street address.  He was quoting the PO box and gave the street zip.  I reminded him there was a difference and he said, " no, they are the same"

When I repeated each zip code to him, he claimed he did not know they were different.

When we moved in, I gave him both addresses in writing.

Fortunately it's a small enough town that things get delivered.

Until yesterday when he learned that the gas company has not been delivering any bills to us.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vision problems?

I forgot to tell write about a conversation hubby and I had yesterday.  We were sitting under the pergola. We were talking about what needed to be done first in the back yard.  I said I thought we should re-do the pergola.  He said, why?  It's just fine the way it is.  I said that the boards were crooked, the top was coming apart.

He got mad.  He said that the board on the south top end was perfectly straight.  

I said,  I'm sitting right here looking at it.  The outside board is straight, but the inside board is warped.  

He said, What are you talking about?  There is only one board.

I got up and pointed to the outside board and said, What is this then?

He said, "I don't know."

Then I pointed to the center top insert boards and showed him the 1 1/2" to 2" gap.  He said, "they just put them in wrong".

I said, "the long boards are so warped, the short ones are pulling apart"

At that point he just got pissed off and said, "do whatever you want, you will anyway"

Can he not see how the boards are warped?  He thinks there is one board on the south top end and there are 2.  He cannot see that the inside board is totally warped?  Has his vision changed that much?  Can he not see the 1 1/2" gap between the shorter boards and the long boards?

He has been having me do more and more of the driving.  I asked him to drive on an errand today - 8 miles one way - and he said, "no, you can drive" so I did.

If he can't see, why doesn't he just say so?

I'm tired of guessing.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lab results

First, thank you Lilly!  My surgery has been scheduled for 9/5.  We'll know more once the lab has finished with the mass once it's removed.

Hubby had new labs done (finally) this week.

His A1c is 6.4.  Amazing since the last one on 3/27/12 was 12.1.

Cholesterol is 173
Tryglicerides are 331....down from 1451
HDL is 28 (low)
Cholesterol non-HDL is 145
LDL is 79

His labs are looking so much better since we moved.  But I honestly think it's the reduction in stress since being laid off.  He really was in a mega stressful work situation. You'd think he'd be so estatic about these changes, but he's not.

I sure am!!!  Now to get him to move.  I'll see if he will go walk with me in the morning.  Lovely paths along the river here.  Only about 2 miles from the house.  We can drive down, park and walk.  He is not a morning person and by the time he wakes, it's usually too hot to walk.

Only time will tell.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Annie wrote:

I have reached a point in my 6 year relationship with someone who has type 1 and I can't stand it anymore. Most of the time when he gets verbally abusive he says its because he is high or in some cases low. Is it just an excuse or is this ligit? I would hope that he is not using this as an excuse but I cant stand his usual statement anymore : " you know how I get when my blood sugar is high. How come you are being so sensitive."? This is all hard to explain in one blurb but I have been so patient, and even if I need to be more understanding to his Highs and lows I cant say it doesn't hurt and weigh on my emotions.

She posted this to an old blog and it will be buried so I will copy it here.  Annie, 6 years is an amazingly long time to put yourself in a verbally abusive relationship.

Is it legit or is it an excuse?  Hard to say.  Probably a little bit of both.  If he is going really low, he probably doesn't remember what he says to you.  If he is going high, he will most likely be jittery, edgy, ancy, angry....sort of both the same type of reaction when high and low....just different ends of the spectrum.

And while he may really not remember the words he says to you, he still said them and you remember them and that hurt never truly goes away no matter how much you love him.

I have come to the point where I think it is what he truly thinks of me, but that those feelings are masked when his glucose is level because he is so afraid to be left alone.  When he gets pissed, he threatens to leave.  When he is normal, he is so scared to be alone.  It's what we all call the "roller coaster ride".  You just never can tell from one moment to the next what mood he will be in.  And it's such a hard way to function on a day-to-day basis.

Trust me, I have many moments when I cannot stand it any more.  That is when I go do something.  Go to a movie alone, go walk around the mall, just go to the park and sit and watch people.  I get out and away for at least an hour and almost always by the time I return, he is back to normal.  It's a chance for me to clear my head, keep my wits about myself and try to get a handle on the fact that he most likely is not directing his abusive comments to me, simply flinging them in my direction.

And the hurt.  Well - it is there.  I think I've learned to live with it and forgive him, but I have my moments when I don't have to and I can be mad and angry at him for a pretty long time.  But it still hurts.  It never goes away. 

On the other hand, when he is "normal", life with him is wonderful and fun, and everything is great.  I often say that I wish I could be with "that hubby" all the time - life would be grande!  But it simply does not happen that way with a diabetic.

Good luck to you as you continue your journey


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And yet, again.....

he walked outside this morning with no shirt on, wearing only the skimpiest of boxer type shorts - at least these were navy and could pass for swimming trunks - about 4 sizes too small.  Grossly obese stomach hanging over them so much.....I thought to myself - how can I love someone who looks like this?

And my sister was here, helping me in the garden.

I just wanted to die.

I didn't say a word to him, but I ranted to her for 3 hours!  LOL!  She is a great sounding board!  We drove around trying to find a house that she can buy.  She's in so much limbo - living in a tiny duplex here, her hubby 3 hours away working, helping care for mom - and today was a day "off" - although we spent 3 hours of it with mom.

Came home and hubby is out in the pergola with the incense going.  Now, you have to understand that I am highly allergic to incense - I tend to get sick to my stomach if it is too strong and I have asked him not to burn it.  I guess I did not clarify that meant "anywhere at all".  I asked him to put it out and he got mad.  I mean he got livid.  I'm not sure what he wants - me puking all over the place.  It's one of those things that I can smell a mile away.  And I was out working in the yard when he decided to come out and light up.

What is is about incense?  It really is the most horrible smell and he was trying to use it in the house to cover up dog pee.  So he has slammed his door shut and I'm sure he's burning it in his room.  I believe that he has no sense of smell anymore and certainly does not comprehend that when he opens the door, it fills this entire place - such a tiny little house.

I know that he is depressed.  Beyond belief depressed.  And every little tiny thing sets him into a rage.  I have not been available to give him any attention for the last 4 weeks and I can tell he is on the edge of a volcanic eruption at any moment.  It is tough living like this, that's for sure.

But what can you do?  He won't go see a doctor.  He denies he is depressed.  He is like a 3 year old who wants to do what they want when they want.  Throwing "temper tantrums" when he doesn't get his way.

He has a retirement settlement of about $40K that is coming.  I almost expect him to take it and leave.  If he does, I will not allow him to return and I will not continue to pay for his health insurance.  I'm not sure if he is capable of logic and reasoning at this point, but if he walks out that door, he will not be coming back.  If he thinks he can go have a good time with the money and come back when it's gone - ok, that's not going to happen.  :o)

Anyway, just another post to vent and log what is going on here at home.  So sad that he simply cannot find happiness in his retirement.  Just really sad.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forgetting the little things

Sometimes I forget to blog the little things....and then they turn into big things and I don't have dates or reference points to fall back on.

A few weeks back I remember seeing hubby outside one morning with socks on and I thought - good, he's protecting his feet.

Little did I know that he had started wearing a pair of "hospital" socks at night because he was scratching his feet in his sleep.  Rubbing them together until they were raw.

Tonight I saw his feet.  Covered in band aids and the parts not covered have what looks to be a rash with intermittent cuts and gashes.  Lots of scabs from healing wounds, but b asically just raw looking skin.

I asked him what was going on.  He said he couldn't stop scratching his feet.  I suggested some lotion and he said he was using some old stuff from a previous office visit.

Once again I asked him if he didn't needto see a doctor.  He said no.  He is adamant that he is not going back to a doctor ever again.  I think I'm thinking it's just a phase and if he gets bad he will end up going to a doctor.

Looking at his feet, I have to wonder.

I've been so busy taking care of mom, helping to get her moved, worrying if she will live thru the night for the last 4 weeks that I have had no time for hubby.  I still don't.  But I did see his feet tonight and realize I need to keep a little better records of what's going on with him.

My pre op is Friday and he agreed to get fasting labs done that day.  It will be interesting to see what his a1c is.  I am expecting it to be lower.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

The difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Type 1 -
 pancreas does not work, insulin not created.
10-15% of all diabetics.
 Juvenile onset.
 Appears before patient is age 40, but can appear after age 40.

Type 2 -
pancreas works.  Either not enough insulin, or insulin does not work properly.
Tends to start later in life but can start in the 20s.  Adult onset
 85 - 90% of all diabetics.

So, when a type 2's pancreas stops working altogether, then there is no difference between the 2 types.

Do they become the same.

My hubby's pancreas no longer works.

He is insulin dependent (takes RU500 which is 5 times concentrated)

Has been told there is no cure.  But told to diet and exercise.

His body no longer makes any insulin.

His diabetes started at age 30.

One website states you can have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes at the same time.  Interesting.

He was insulin resistant until his body quit producing insulin completely, then he became insulin dependent.

"Brittle" means unstable.  He is definitely unstable.

Remember he had c diff when he had his spinal fusion surgery?  Today he read an article in USA Today and then announced to me that he had just had some bad news - he was probably going to die because this is still in his body.  I read the article and told him it is in everyone's body, but yes, eating tums like they are candy, or doing any number of other things could set if off (again).

Hubby had Hepatitis A 35 years ago.  Forever barred from donating blood. Kidney damage at that time and it went undetected?

all just things to contemplate.

His shoulder is absolutely killing him.  I'm sure he needs surgery.  He refuses to see a doctor.  He made some kind of pact with himself that when we moved down here, he was never going to a doctor again.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Putting life into perspective

Mom is getting better.  I'm back to sleeping regularly.  But for the last 3 weeks, every day has been touch and go.  It went by in the blink of an eye.  Spending nights on the floor by her side, sleeping 1 - 2 hours at a time.  I found I entered a complete brain fog and had no idea life was slipping by so fast.  But when it is your mom, when she is in excruciating pain, when she is in forget everything else in the world and try your best to make her as comfortable as possible.

Now that it's over (for right now) and I can focus on getting back to my life, I'm trying to put it all into perspective.

How is it that for 3 weeks he managed everything on his own.  Never had a low.  Never got mad at me.  Never raised his voice.  Is it because I wasn't here?  Is it because he knew my stress level and knew not to raise it?  I don't know.  But something tells me that either consciously or not, he know somehow that there is a tolerance line in me and he stayed under that line the last 3 weeks.

His normal is to get quite ill if anyone else is sick.  But he did not do that.  Maybe all my little talks with him have helped?  Maybe the gentle counseling that now we are living here, we are here to help others - is sinking in?

I learned that his diabetes, heart surgery, back surgery, highs, lows, missed pills......those are his problems.  I can be here to support him, to care for him, to love him.....but I can't fix those problems.

Just as I couldn't fix what was wrong with mom.  I could only provide her with the best care possible and try to keep her as comfortable as possible.

She is much better

And he is much better

So now I rest and refresh myself and try to prepare for whatever is next.

I'm learning that a good, solid night's sleep is worth more than just about anything else!

Digging in the ground may just be the second best thing!  I planted 30 Iris and 30 Lillies tonight.  More Iris to plant in the morning.  They make great background borders!  I have all the paths done in the back yard and next is to start digging the hole for a small pond.  I'm slow.  But I'm making progress!!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

catching up

things are stable with hubby

is it because the rest of life is so unstable?

My mass/scheduling surgery/pre-op

Closing on our old house in a week

My mom took a turn for the worse/on hospice/moved her into my sister's house

all in the last 2 weeks

Now 2 of us are staying with mom every night, so either I get no sleep in 24 hours, or stay at least 16 hours

hubby never sees me

Mom is better today.  I have been home for 10 hours now and plan to spend the night at home.  Hoping things calm down with her at my sisters

Other sis is depressed because they didn't get the house they made an offer on

And when you think it can't get any simply wait for the next "thing" to happen!

Tonight, I am grateful for you.  For people who send me kind notes.  For friends I will most likely never meet.  For faith and belief and trust.  For my own bed!!!  For a hubby who can back off when he knows I can't take another thing.

And it will all get better.  I have faith.  This is but a bump in the road and one day soon it will be smooth sailing.  I did get to work a few hours in my garden and made great progress.  The perfect therapy - I found a new bloom this evening!


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

mammogram results

The mass has grown

The surgeon is on vacation

Will get the surgery scheduled next week after he returns.

Will then see if it is benign or cancerous.

Hubby is taking this serious and being super careful about what he says.

Will see how long that lasts!!!

Art pal here for a couple of days, so a great diversion for my thoughts.

Taking an art class tomorrow.  Need to have some fun!!!


Saturday, August 04, 2012


No word on the mammogram yet.  I've decided that's good news.  I will get a letter in the mail saying all is well.

Ok, that's what I'm praying for!

My turn with mom.  Oh, how my heart grieves for her.  She is sleeping now, but only due to the drugs she is taking to kill her pain.

Hubby drove 2 hours today to be at his granddaughters birthday party.  I had to stay and sit with mom as both sisters had to work this afternoon.

He is still going low way too much.   His shoulder hurts so bad and now he is driving 4 hours to and from this party.  And the child won't remember he was there.

Just so sad.

I think I am finally caught up with my sleep.   Gardening is such a blessing.  I can lovingly care for the plants and beat the crap out of the ground as I prepare it for new plants.  LOL!!!

This evening I plan to paint rocks and make them look like ladybugs and put them on the garden shed deck.  Time to do something fun!!


Thursday, August 02, 2012

and he's over it

within 24 hours - he was back talking to me like nothing happened.

had my follow up mammogram yesterday.  No one there to read it.  So it's still "wait and see".

We have so very many medical practitioners - who are always on vacation or in a meeting.

the future of our healthcare?

we had to drive to our old residence to have it done as I haven't change my hmo yet because I didn't want to start this process all over again.

Mom is worse.  2 of my sisters and I are starting 24 hr care today.  My day.  It's going to be a long day. I'm eternally grateful that we are only 2 blocks away and that I can help.


Monday, July 30, 2012


Two mornings ago, he walked outside of the house, outside the garage, into the back yard, in his tidy put the pups in the kennel.  I was already outside in the garden and when I saw him, I simply gasped!!!  This is a man who looks like he is 7 months pregnant....and he's  outside in nothing but his briefs.  No, not boxers...briefs.

OH MY GOD!!!  I simply wanted to scream my head off.  I quietly followed him into the house and in the quietest voice, I said, "please put some clothes on before you come outside."  He said, "why?  No one is going to see me"

I explained that our drive goes into the alley and anyone can go down that alley at any time.  My sisters drive into the back (our garage opens to the back yard and entrance is from the alley, and I'm usually in the garden) any time.

What on earth was he thinking?  That he could go outside completely undressed?  Is he losing his mind???

Then this morning - I know he was having a severe low - and he came completely unglued over a question I asked him.  And that lead to him screaming his head off about every grievance he has ever had in his entire life.  Mostly that no one cares about him, he should go kill himself, he's going to move out as soon as......

Honestly, he was yelling so loud and his words were so slurred I have no idea what he said.  I went to my sisters and spent the whole day there.  Came home about  5 pm and worked in the flower beds.  Came inside to a kitchen that had every pot and pan out on the cabinet - dirty.  The counter tops were a mess.  I'm not sure what he tried to fix today and I have no idea why it took every pan in the house.  I loaded them into the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen.  He must think I'm his personal maid.  Wait....I guess I am!!!  LOL!!!  I'm going to put my jammies on and close my door and watch a movie.

I'm just so tired of the ups and downs, the emotional roller coaster, the yelling, accusations, know what I'm talking about and it does help to know that there are other spouses who understand.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Ups and Downs, Highs and Lows

He has been in a complete snit.  Not speaking to me.  Using his "silent" treatment. And I've been ignoring it.  I think maybe he's upset because I'm spending so much time with my sisters....but not sure that's really it.

Then my mom got sick.  Had her in the ER and my sister's and I are rotating staying with her.  Going over 3-4 times a day to check in.

And he immediately turns into a saint.

Is it that the adrenaline kicks in and brings his glucose up?

Or does he somehow feel more "needed" because she is sick?

I feel so bad for her. She's been in incredible pain.  Called hospice to come in to control the pain and assist her in remaining independent as long as she possibly can be.  They can stay on board for 3 - 5 years.

Is he worried that he's going to need hospice?

Mom seems to want to will herself to death at times.

Is he thinking he can do that?

At least his snit is over!  And while I'm stressing out over mom, I'm getting a little relief from him.

As an update:

He's still eating everything in sight and I'm refusing to go to the grocery.

He's still have way too many lows - using power bars and glucose tabs way too much.

He is not sleeping at nights.  But will sit in his chair and sleep most of the day.

When life gets too overwhelming, my sisters and I get together and have a good talk.

His son cancelled the granddaughter's birthday gathering and I think hubby is quite depressed over that.

Working on staying in my happy spot. Gardening is so good for me!  And singing again - oh!  what a joy!!!


Sunday, July 22, 2012


All of my sisters and one of our female cousins were together this weekend along with an artist pal of mine.  The word "ignoramus" came up - it was a word we could use during our childhood days as we weren't allowed to curse.  If we didn't like someone, we would call them an "ignoramus".  I thought it meant idiot.  So, we looked it up.

It means:  A really ignorant person. Someone who doesn't know how the world works, and doesn't CARE to know.

and I had to laugh as it sort of describes hubby's attitude towards his diabetes.  He does not CARE to know what is going on in his body.

He is now buying 2 bottles of glucose tabs every week at the grocery store.  Along with 24 power bars.    In addition, this week he has eaten 2 10" cherry pies.  3 Snickers bars and who knows what else.

Obviously he's gaining weight again.   My friend said he looks like he's perpetually 7 months pregnant.

And he is refusing to go to any of his doctors.  No checkups.  No labs.  No A1c.

I know.....I can't fix him.



Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hubby is having more and more lows. He has taken to eating power bars and glucose tabs. Like candy. He mowed the lawn last night. My sis was here and we were watching a movie. It's not like we had been partying all day...we had been out in the hot sun assembling a garden shed and just finished for the day. Both of us on heating pads due to back pain. But quietly watching a movie. Hubby decides to mow the yard. He is outside abot 10 had cooled down to 73 degrees, and he comestible and sits down in the living room, eating a power bar, sighing loudly somoften it was almost funny. I knew he was having a low. I knew that he wanted attention. I know that when he goes low, he starts acting like a 10 year old. But this Ike I ignored him and just kept watching the movie. What I'd like to know is if this is standard behavior for a low. I agree with DW2 that it is just annoying. Why can't he just take care of himself? Why can't he prevent these lows. He can surely count and know that they are increasing. Or is that part of his brain gone? Literally, what is wrong with him? Does he need attention so desperately that he allows himself to go low? Bottom line, his disease, his problem. Not mine!!! Yet why do I get so angry with him that he won't or can't take care of himself?? He ripped something inside his shoulder during the move. Ts been 6 weeks now and not getting any better, but he is refusing to see a doctor. In fact he is refusing to go through the new patent process since we are in a new HMO. So if he neds a doctoring an emergency, what does he think is going to happen? More stress on me....during my cancer evaluation process? How do I know his shoulder is not getting better? He constantly complains about the pain and he can't do anything....thus the reason my sister and I were assembling the garden shed rather than he and I doing it. I personally think that if a person is not willing to get medical treatment, then they should not have any complaints!! I woke up tired of it. Here's hoping the day grows better! DW

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sleeping his life away

Hubby seems to be sleeping more and more. He wakes up at 7 am and lets the dogs out, then goes back to sleep. Will get up around 10 am and stays awake til noon. Then he snoozes in his chair in the living room until 3 or 4 pm. He usually goes to bed at 7 pm and will sleep thru most of whatever movie he has on. He is having more and more lows. Countering them with power bars and/or glucose tabs. Because of my own looming upcoming mammogram, I am trying my best to ignore most of this but finding that difficult to do. I visit my mom daily and 2 of my sisters seem to stop by every days which is great diversions. I can talk to both of them and distress. I never realized just how much I needed my family to help me get through the day. I truly am feeling much less stressed by hubby's continuing decline. Some days I think he lives like an 80 year old man. We installed central AC this week and he seems to be less grouchy which is a welcome relief. But I have noticed a new pattern that when a low is coming on, he gets demanding. Whatever he wants done has to get done right then and matter how crazy the task seems.m I'm learning to just get him something to eat, or act like I'm starving to death! Seems to be working. And he is gaining weight again. A pattern that happens when he starts having lows. It's like it's permission for him to eat anything and everything he wants. Last night he ate 3 huge burgers!!! I keep reminding him we are on a budget. Doesn't seem to be sinking in! Tomorrow I'm off to garage sales with one sister, then taking mom to a bookstore. After that I will put up shelves in his room and then I hope to put a layer of thick plastic in the crawl space. So much timid when you move into a new house...I wonder if I will ever get it all done. In the meantime, I am loving every moment of living here!! DW

Friday, July 06, 2012

All well now

Well, that little illness only lasted 3 days, but it zapped me. My sis and her boyfriend got it and now mom. I continue to check in on mom at least once a day and see both my sisters at least once a day. I just love living this close to my family and hubby seems to be adjusting to it. He has been taking online computer animation classes and doing cartoon characters representing the humorous side of life here. He seems to enjoy that as well. Having some difficulties with his insurance at the moment and are working to fix those. He was put on a new plan for the 6 months severance pkg and then he will go on my insurance. All with the same HMO, but each is a "new" plan. I doubt they could make this any more difficult if they tried. But we are wading thru the red tape. My next mammogram is 8/1. I am praying that it is clear, but scared to death that it won't be. I have been under extreme stress for the last 4 years and it has to take its toll somewhere. I am really doing my best to de-stress....but not sure how one can do that with the thought of cancer looming over me all the time. Being with family helps. We seem to be blessed with our weather. No fire, no storms, no severe drought, no extreme heat. It is a blessing, but my heart goes out to those impacted by everything going on. Hubby has been up most nights sick. Usually something he ate. He does fine taking care of himself, which lets me sleep at night. But he has been quite tired most days and is sleeping a lot more than usual. I am enjoying this lull while it lasts. DW

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Been sick

I'm the one who's been sick the last 4 days. Woke up Tuesday with a stomach bug that completely wiped me out.  So weak I couldn't lift my ipad!  No interest in anything. Didn't eat.  Just slept.  Did my best to keep hydrated and this morning, I woke up and was just fine.  What a relief!

I do not like being ill.  Not even for a moment.  I don't think I've been sick for almost 4 years now.  I can't fathom how hubby can endure what he goes through with his lactose intolerance.

He was quite good all week and just let me sleep.  I think he probably slept most of the time as well!  LOL!!!  He is adjusting to our new routine quite well.  Seems to have is glucose levels back at a fairly level place.  I think he's enjoying the visitors stopping by every day.  And he is taking online animation classes which is great.  Perhaps retiring will prove to be a really good choice for him.  Or is this just the peaceful part of the roller coaster ride?  LOL!!!

Been a good week considering my illness.


Monday, June 25, 2012

I can't help him

Yesterday, we picked up a pizza to take to mom.  He ordered a sandwich and it came with 5 different types of cheese on it.  I said, "are you sure that's ok?" and he just shook his head yes.

We were inside the place, so I wasn't going to argue with him.

He was up vomiting all night long with diarrhea.  I mean every 5 minutes.  Literally.  I don't know where it came from.  He was so weak today.  And he didn't eat at I expect him to crash any time as he is still taking his insulin....with no carbs going it.

What a nightmare!

But I can't help him.  I did ask the question.  It was a gentle reminder.  I know he loves and craves cheese.....but since he is now lactose it worth it?

If it were!  But apparently it is for him.

I popped over to mom's for an hour this morning.  Wonderful to get in these mini breaks.  They had a mother/daughter team playing the piano and organ and I simply lost myself in the music.  Came back home and started playing my keyboard.  No idea how long it's been since I did that.  Great inspiration.  Great day.

I'm learning - it's his disease, I can't help him.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Settling in

It has taken the last 3 weeks, but we are unpacked and settling in to a rather quiet, nice routine.  And for the most part, hubby has been quite considerate.   I have been gone 2-3 days a week helping my sister pack. They close on their house on the 26th and she is moving here.  So I think we've done pretty good considering how much I've been gone.

I know I'm close when I hang mom's paintings.  This is such a tiny house I've put them into collages on whole walls and I think I like it!  We are getting an estimate for central AC as this place has a swamp cooler that just does not cut it!

We walk over to mom's every evening.  Tonight, we took out 2 little chihuahuas and she sat outside and petted them for a good half hour.  It is so wonderful to get to see her every single day.  Her ankle has healed and she is doing so much better.  I know she doesn't have long, but I am sure enjoying my time with her.  And my sisters.

Sunday we took a drive and ended up at my brother's house about 23 miles SW of here.  That was fun. This week we will drive about an hour to visit a guy who used to work for hubby.  I am getting my art studio set up....but literally outside in the garden from 6 - 10 am and again in the evenings after the sun sets.

It was worth all the hassle and struggle to be in a place so peaceful and to have hubby doing so well.  I think he may adapt to retired life.  He is sleeping a whole lot more, but then he is getting more exercise than ever.  He hurt his shoulder, so I'm letting him rest until that heals.

Our new home.  Feels perfect!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The stress of moving

Moving for anyone is a stressful time. Add diabetes to the mix and look out!!! Hubby is getting more exercise if nothing other than the non stop hunt and find game. The stress of not having what you need when you need it. He does not adjust his insulin on days when he is carrying boxes from storage to the house in hot weather. Daily lows. And he Ned's adrenaline to get that glucose up, so lots of yelling. I think of everything we have been thru and wonder if we will survive this. Major sugar crash at dinner last night. He simply went too long without any food. To resolve the Los? He ate 5 huge cookies. Yep, that's really nutritional. I asked if he wanted a glucose tab. No. He wanted cookies. He tried to assemble a ceiling fan yesterday and it isn't working. I'm wondering if a person can assemble anything epwhile having a low. And he continues to insist that he be in charge of finances. I'm calling him my idiot husband after the movie my idiot brother....he's sort of like the guy in that movie. The good thing for me is that my sisters stop by daily, ask if I need a break, insist that I get out, help me with the's wonderful!! As a note to self, he seems to have decided to cease all office visits. Said he is not going to the doctors again. Time will tell. I'm doing fine. Outside all the time. Today my sis and I started on a kennel for the pups. It's a different world when you can be outside so much of the time!! DW

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I'm so tired.

I've been getting up at 5 am, going outside to do some gardening.  This morning I had hoped to put together the little garden shed, but decided we have to level the back yard before we can put it up.

At 8:30 am, hubby came outside and said he wanted to talk.  So we sat down under the pergola.  It was about insurance for the new house.  He explained something, then I asked a question.  He said, no, let me explain how it is....and then he said exactly what I just asked....but in a statement not a question.  So I asked him how that was any different from what I had just said.  He got mad.  He started to raise his voice and I said I'm done and walked through the garage to go into the house.  Here he comes yelling after me that I am just acting like a child.  So I decided, yes, I can act like a child and slammed the door as I came into the house.

Sort of funny - guess he didn't like that at all.  Came in after me, cornered me, stuck his finger right in my face and was yelling at me and he just wouldn't stop.  I kept saying that I'm done.  I'm not discussing anything with you while you are in this mood.  To which he just ranted.  He just plain ranted.  Started accusing my sister who lives here that she had to come "rescue" me yesterday because I was so mad at him.  Honestly, I couldn't remember being mad at him at all, but just to shut him up, I said "yes".

About then the doorbell rang and it was her.  I told her we had to go walk.  Of course, she reminded me that she rescued me from the heat.  I had been working outside and was hot and sweaty and couldn't find something I was looking for and that's why I was she rescued me!  LOL!

Now, why couldn't I remember that?

Buy why did he turn it around to me being upset with him?

It just amazes me.  I'm pretty sure he was having a sugar low.  But of course he knows that he wasn't.  But I'm sure the yelling got him up out of the low as fast as possible as he was pretty angry with me.

If he thinks he's going to go into a rage outside....he's got another "think" coming!!!

I think the day is just going to go downhill from here.  I am so grateful that I will be driving my sister 3 hours to her house this evening and for the next 2 days we will be packing up her stuff to get her moved down here.  At least I get a break from him.

As a note to myself.....He has unpacked his room/bathroom/office and got it all set up.  I have unpacked the library, my bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, living rooms as well as the entire garage.  He has not done a thing to help me with all that.  So I personally think if I wanted to get really pissed at him....I have every right to do so.


Sunday, June 03, 2012

Will life ever be normal again?

We are moved in....but not "moved" in.  I'm not sure I will ever get unpacked.  3700 sf into 1150 sf - you do the math!  LOL!!!  It just doesn't work.  Today we picked up a garden shed which will help and another bookcase.  That just means tomorrow I go to work assembling them!

Hubby has been having way too many sugar lows.  I think he is working more, walking to mom's in the evening with me, and hasn't cut his insulin.  Seems to be a morning problem, anywhere from 8 am - 10 am.

But he says he is happy here.  And he does seem to be trying to keep the peace.  We were back at our other house today and I asked if he wanted to stop by and see his grandkids.  He said no.  He said it was up to them to come see him.  I think he's a bit jealous as my son now lives 30 miles away and has stopped by 3 times in a week.  They do enjoy each other.  I think next time the son pops in I will ask them to do a project together.  We had a G scale bumper train and I have a perfect spot for it.   Would be a great project for them to do together.  I think if I get him involved with family things, he will be fine.

So a note for myself.  He is complaining about upper back severe pain.  The back surgeon had told him that once they fused the lower spine, the upper spine would start to curve and need to be fused.  I assume that is happening so I asked him if he would like to talk to his surgeon and he gave me an emphatic "no"!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moving day

Yesterday we loaded the moving truck. He put his bags at the front door. He didn't take them to the car. Just sat them by the door. The movers put them on the truck. So he has no insulin, no meds. We started unloading the truck last night and still can't see his bags. I want to say "idiot" except it's just so sad. Needless to say, he is a total bear. Yelling at me that his sugars are just fine. Oh happy moving day!!! Okay we find the bag early today as we continue to unload. DW....beyond exhausted!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sooooo busy!!!

We've wired the cash and we close on Monday!!!  This is the first time in my life that I have a house paid for.....thanks to the generous settlement hubby received from his employer!  I am so beyond excited!!!  We've rented a small uhaul trailer and will take a first load down and unload Monday after we close.  I will stay and paint the inside of the house.  We move in a week from Sunday. Needless to say, I don't have time to blog!

But of interest, this morning, just as we were going into the bank, he crashed.  I had powerbars in the car and he ate one, but I tell you, he was a white as a sheet.  Have not had a low in several months and I wasn't prepared for this one.  But he got through it and we got done at the bank and came straight home and had an early lunch.  He's been just fine ever since.

If I don't post for the next few days, it's because I'm happily packing, moving, painting, designing our future in a tiny little retirement cottage.  He has agreed to walk over to mom's every evening and check in on her - just a short 4 block walk.  I have gorgeous beautiful roses already in full bloom climbing up the west side of the house!  And the very best rose garden in the whole town is right across the street from our home, so I will get to enjoy that on a daily basis!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Surviving stress

Life is amazing. I have no patience. Last night I was so depressed as I needed to make another house hunting trip next week. I had spent 3 days printing out everything available in our price range, reviewing properties at the assessors office..... Tonight, our realtor called. Two days ago, I had told him if the contract on the house I wanted fell thru, I wanted to write a new one on it. He said it was a cash deal and there was no way it wouldn't sale. I said a prayer. The other realtor called him and said the couple decided to walk away from it. I said, how fast can you write a contract? He was at his kids baseball game. He called the other realtor and we now have a verbal buy the house I really want. We may close next Friday!!! We may be moving in a week. I am so excited!! I will be 2 blocks from mom and my sister, 2 miles from another sister, 23 miles from my brother. I can hardly believe it. Hubby just says, "I never had any doubt" Funny. He is still on his best behavior.....and his glucose is coming down. The flatulence is gone. Perhaps he is back on track to live life a few more years!! Tonight I'm doing a huge happy dance that will be even bigger once we get moved in. He is still agreeing to pt the house in my name exchange I will provide his health insurance for the rest of his life. Fair trade. Lied is better tonight. DW

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Is he really changing?

Is it the Prozac?  I don't know, but things are great!  He is so calm....even keeled.  No outbursts in nearly 2 weeks now.  When I ask him to help, he does.   It's actually pleasant most of the time.  He does seem to be more isolated - is that the depression?  I have never been around anyone 24/7 that is on prozac.

There is such peace here right now.  Just when I was ready to walk away from it all.  So I wonder if this is a joke or something.  But I will take it while it lasts.  

Dare I push my luck?  Ask for even more changes?  I did ask him today what he wanted to do for the next 20 years and he said he didn't know.  So I said I thought he should think about that.  I said I would like to put our energy into fixing up our new home (if we ever find one) and into decorating it and he said that would be ok.

I asked him to help me do yardwork tomorrow and he said he would.  It can't be this simple.  I know - don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

Anyway, I needed to write about this and then see how long it lasts.  His glucose is getting back under control as the endo is working closely with him.  I am hoping the next A1c has much better results.  Is it a combination of that and the changes in other medications?

It's been a good day!


Sunday, May 06, 2012


Interesting.  Came home after being gone this week. Clean house.  Smells clean. Counters are clean.  Everything is put away.

No conversation and I did not try to engage him in a conversation.  Simply unpacked, did laundry, caught up on emails, etc.  Sat down in the family room and he finally decided to chat with me....4 hours after I got home.

He went to bed at 7 pm.  I'm finishing laundry.

Not much of a marriage - but at least no yelling and screaming.  I am enjoying the peace.  I enjoyed my time away.

Drove by a house that I love, so I am going to mail a letter to the owner and see if they have any interest in selling.  One just never knows and it doesn't cost to ask!!!

Tomorrow is a new day and a new week.  Will continue walking and working on my own health.  Decided I need to start eating an apple a day to keep my doctor away!  LOL!!!