Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend update

It's almost a pattern now. Every time I plan to leave, something happens to him. I went to visit my sis yesterday. 2 1/2 hours away and decided to spend the night. He woke up with a severe backache, so bad, he called his doctor and they had him in for blood tests.

Rather than spending 2 nights, I only spent 1 night and am back home.....and he is back to being just fine.

Logging all of this really helps me see the pattern.

I'm off next weekend, Sat & Sun, to demo art products at a show a couple of hours away, so I'll spend the night there. Shall we bet that something happens to him again next Friday? Almost certain.

The doc did not call back with labs today, so I'm sure they are fine and they will call him on Monday. The area of his pain was right at his kidneys.

But I'm feeling rested. Even a 24 hour break is great!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to normal, so to speak

The acute renal failure episode is behind us. Kidneys are back functioning at 26%. His swelling has gone down. But he is having lots of migraine headaches and severe backaches. Tonight he was limping while he was walking. But all-in-all, things are as normal as they can be.

I've been busy with my art. Preparing to teach 44 classes back at the store that is about 1000 miles from here. This time I'm driving and my sis is traveling with me. A girl's road trip! Should be fun! We will be gone 4 weeks. I'm sure something major will happen to hubby, but I'm planning on having a fun trip!