Monday, November 17, 2008

Weight Loss

We are still doing Weight Watchers. He has lost 20 pounds and I'm down 12. It is not easy and we continue to take it one meal at a time.

The good things:

1. We are only eating out one meal a week
2. He has cut way back on the potato chips as he has to count them.
3. I can tell in his face that he is losing.
4. I think he's only had a couple of candy bars a week. At least it's not a bag a day. That I know of. :o)

I'm sure that this week it will just be a pound or so, but hopefully it will still be coming off.

He doesn't understand this is a change in lifestyle and still thinks it's just temporary. But the good thing is that he is a little more willing to try something new. We are trying 2 new recipes each week. Guarantees a bit of variety. He is not eating enough fresh fruit and veggies, but has started on celery and carrot trays this week. Still no exercise.

Yesterday, he missed a step coming down the stairs and landed on his arm. Has had it in a splint and has barely moved. But tonight the swelling has started to subside, so hopefully he can function a little more tomorrow.

He still needs to lose 30 pounds as a minimum. I need to lose another 20. So I'm sticking with this and my excuse is that he either has to eat what I fix, or fix something for himself. So that may just be a way of life from here on out! :o)