Thursday, April 10, 2008

A really bad cold

Hubby is flying home tomorrow. He is getting up at 5 am, driving his dad 3 hours back to the big city hospital, checking him in for his triple bypass on Friday. Then hubby will drive to the airport and have lunch with his brother who is flying in from 2000 miles away. Brother will be with their dad for surgery and take him home as my hubby is heading home tomorrow evening.

He caught a cold. A really bad cold. He has been flat in bed the past 2 days. So you gotta ask...what good did it do for him to rush to be with his father?

I'm pretty sure the stress of this got his immune system to the point that he picked up something either on the plane or in the hospital last week. But he called me today and said that it's so bad he just can't breathe. Of course, I told him to go to the local ER and at least get an Rx for an inhaler. But he didn't do that.

So what can you do? And why do I think he might take care of a cold when he refused to take care of his diabetes? So I guess he will just struggle with his breathing. He said he had been sleeping pretty much non-stop for about 3 days now. So how safe is it for him to drive the 3 hours with his dad to the hospital? hmmmm. Pretty hard for me to "not worry" from here...but I'm giving it a good hard try!

It will be good for him to get home. At least he can really rest and hopefully heal. I leave Friday for a 3 week vacation on the ocean with a couple of friends. It will be my chance to completely heal from the pneumonia I had earlier this year. I hope to use the time to recoup, relax, regenerate and come home ready to face whatever is next.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dad's not eating

So an update. Hubby drove his dad 3 hours home. No surgery. He does need 3 bypasses. Let's see if I can explain....well, at least note what i was told. The local hospital saw 1 open artery, one blocked at 80% and 2 blocked at 100% so they airlifted hubby's dad to a better heart hospital 3 hours away. But when he got there, and the heart specialist checked him out, they decided that since he was not having a heart attack, not in any pain, and it was a Friday release him and schedule the triple bypass for when they have a full staff.

They are supposed to call tomorrow with a date for the operation.

And now, his dad is not eating. Can't keep food down, he's sick to his stomach. So, of course, hubby is beside himself with worry, compounded by the fact that he's exhausted, has to work remotely starting tomorrow morning, and the list just goes on. He sounded completely stressed out tonight. But not much I can do from here.

His dad has had type 2 diabetes for about 30 years, is insulin depedent, is non-compliant (possibly worse about that then my husband if that's possible) and just does not take care of himself at all. Yet he does not have the physical symptons that my hubby has of charcot's foot, gout, etc. If you looked at my FIL, you would not know he has anything wrong at all.

It's been a quiet weekend here. I'm getting lots of rest. :o)