Thursday, June 21, 2012

Settling in

It has taken the last 3 weeks, but we are unpacked and settling in to a rather quiet, nice routine.  And for the most part, hubby has been quite considerate.   I have been gone 2-3 days a week helping my sister pack. They close on their house on the 26th and she is moving here.  So I think we've done pretty good considering how much I've been gone.

I know I'm close when I hang mom's paintings.  This is such a tiny house I've put them into collages on whole walls and I think I like it!  We are getting an estimate for central AC as this place has a swamp cooler that just does not cut it!

We walk over to mom's every evening.  Tonight, we took out 2 little chihuahuas and she sat outside and petted them for a good half hour.  It is so wonderful to get to see her every single day.  Her ankle has healed and she is doing so much better.  I know she doesn't have long, but I am sure enjoying my time with her.  And my sisters.

Sunday we took a drive and ended up at my brother's house about 23 miles SW of here.  That was fun. This week we will drive about an hour to visit a guy who used to work for hubby.  I am getting my art studio set up....but literally outside in the garden from 6 - 10 am and again in the evenings after the sun sets.

It was worth all the hassle and struggle to be in a place so peaceful and to have hubby doing so well.  I think he may adapt to retired life.  He is sleeping a whole lot more, but then he is getting more exercise than ever.  He hurt his shoulder, so I'm letting him rest until that heals.

Our new home.  Feels perfect!

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Boop82 said...

I hope this move helps a lot. Sometimes a new place, new surroundings, and new goals can be an encouragement to people.