Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day blues

This has nothing to do with diabetes, but everything to do with how a non-compliant diabetic reacts. He woke up in a totally foul mood today. Just a completel grump. I thought he needed to eat, so offered to take him out for Father's Day. Seems the problem was that his 33 year old daughter had said she would come visit today and then he did not hear from her after that conversation a month ago. But then, he did not call her to follow-up either.

My son (his step-son) called to wish him a Happy Father's Day and that at least put a smile on his face. But he sat here and sulked and sank into an even deeper depression as the day went on. He didn't want to do a thing (was waiting for the phone to ring) and the longer it went without ringing, the worse his mood got.

I can't help but think part of this is just normal, but part has to do with sugar levels being out of whack, on-going depression already in place due to meds, and his recent state of being lethargic all the time.

His son finally did call him at 9:30 pm tonight. His daughter never called and never showed up. I feel so sorry for him. I know he dearly loves his kids and they treat him horribly. I'd have to say that overall, today was about a minus 10. I'm so tired. I think the caregiver needs to take care of herself tomorrow.