Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hubby is having more and more lows. He has taken to eating power bars and glucose tabs. Like candy. He mowed the lawn last night. My sis was here and we were watching a movie. It's not like we had been partying all day...we had been out in the hot sun assembling a garden shed and just finished for the day. Both of us on heating pads due to back pain. But quietly watching a movie. Hubby decides to mow the yard. He is outside abot 10 minutes...it had cooled down to 73 degrees, and he comestible and sits down in the living room, eating a power bar, sighing loudly somoften it was almost funny. I knew he was having a low. I knew that he wanted attention. I know that when he goes low, he starts acting like a 10 year old. But this Ike I ignored him and just kept watching the movie. What I'd like to know is if this is standard behavior for a low. I agree with DW2 that it is just annoying. Why can't he just take care of himself? Why can't he prevent these lows. He can surely count and know that they are increasing. Or is that part of his brain gone? Literally, what is wrong with him? Does he need attention so desperately that he allows himself to go low? Bottom line, his disease, his problem. Not mine!!! Yet why do I get so angry with him that he won't or can't take care of himself?? He ripped something inside his shoulder during the move. Ts been 6 weeks now and not getting any better, but he is refusing to see a doctor. In fact he is refusing to go through the new patent process since we are in a new HMO. So if he neds a doctoring an emergency, what does he think is going to happen? More stress on me....during my cancer evaluation process? How do I know his shoulder is not getting better? He constantly complains about the pain and he can't do anything....thus the reason my sister and I were assembling the garden shed rather than he and I doing it. I personally think that if a person is not willing to get medical treatment, then they should not have any complaints!! I woke up tired of it. Here's hoping the day grows better! DW