Saturday, September 29, 2012

And some good news, finally!

Hubby was approved for Social Security disability.  No appeals.  It only took them 6 months.  I had expected it to take 2 years and all the appeals.  So medically speaking, is he worse than I think?

Will be grateful for the extra will help.

Really hard week grieving my mom.  My birthday week.  What a combination.  Hubby wants me with him...I told him I just need a little more time.  I don't have the energy yet to face cleaning out his moms stuff.  I'm not sleeping most nights.  Hopefully in another week....



Anonymous said...

take your time,,,
breathe deep
he needs to take care of himself for a bit
you get to grieve for your mom
you will take care of him -- when you are ready
the "stuff" will wait
its not going anywhere

Carolyn said...

One thing after another, something extremely positive but still some extreme negative to deal with. I'm sorry and thinking about you tonight.

I wanted to ask. My husband had a fasting blood draw about a month ago, 382 glucose and 14.4 A1C3. Doctor prescribed Glucotrol in tandem with current Metformin but threatens insulin shots next if not radical changes. He hasn't done much of anything to change lifestyle, his family who I have notified are pretending I never said anything, he doesn't tell them anything, and here I am, get to fill those prescriptions, makes those appts but don't rock the boat apparently?

Is this how it started for you?

Diabeteswife said...

Sort of. Hubby was on pills. Refused to change his diet. Then injections. Then on concentrated insulin injections which is 5x the normal dosage. Still not changing his diet. If I eat what he is supposed to eat, he just goes to McDonalds. He doesn't want to even try. Pretty sad. Pretty frustrating.