Friday, July 06, 2012

All well now

Well, that little illness only lasted 3 days, but it zapped me. My sis and her boyfriend got it and now mom. I continue to check in on mom at least once a day and see both my sisters at least once a day. I just love living this close to my family and hubby seems to be adjusting to it. He has been taking online computer animation classes and doing cartoon characters representing the humorous side of life here. He seems to enjoy that as well. Having some difficulties with his insurance at the moment and are working to fix those. He was put on a new plan for the 6 months severance pkg and then he will go on my insurance. All with the same HMO, but each is a "new" plan. I doubt they could make this any more difficult if they tried. But we are wading thru the red tape. My next mammogram is 8/1. I am praying that it is clear, but scared to death that it won't be. I have been under extreme stress for the last 4 years and it has to take its toll somewhere. I am really doing my best to de-stress....but not sure how one can do that with the thought of cancer looming over me all the time. Being with family helps. We seem to be blessed with our weather. No fire, no storms, no severe drought, no extreme heat. It is a blessing, but my heart goes out to those impacted by everything going on. Hubby has been up most nights sick. Usually something he ate. He does fine taking care of himself, which lets me sleep at night. But he has been quite tired most days and is sleeping a lot more than usual. I am enjoying this lull while it lasts. DW