Sunday, November 04, 2012

Life is good

Hubby is still staying with his dad a thousand miles away.  And will be gone at least another month.

He still complains, but I don't have to hear it all day long.  He still does not sleep at night.  Still gets upset at the tiniest thing.  But it is nice to be far away and not deal with it.

Can I maintain when he gets home?  I'm going to try!

No labs since June.  No way to really know how he is doing.

I do worry.  But I just put the thoughts on the back burner.  Enjoying this reprieve, using the time to get in some good rest.  Enjoying a very quiet solitude.  Spending lots of time with my sisters.  Doing things I have put off for years.  It really is nice!


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Anonymous said...

So glad you get to have a break!
enjoy this time!