Thursday, December 08, 2011


Hubby is officially on vacation.  But it's a working vacation.  Only difference is he shut off the alarm. But he forgot that the dogs still wake us up. LOL!!!

Things are going calmly for the moment.  I always tend to brace myself for a storm when it gets calm.  It's that roller coaster thing.  You never get used to it, but I am trying to prepare for it a little more these days.

He's still fixing himself an egg, bacon muffin every morning.  Triglycerides over 1800.  Yumm!!!  I have to laugh or I would cry.

A1c at 10.1 and he's still eating candy and cookies.  Probably more so than ever before.  Don't even know how high is carb count is every day.

But tis the season to be jolly, to eat way too much, and he has delved into it like there's no tomorrow.

I'm back to crafting and creating and losing myself to the artistic process.  Think I like it because I can forget everything else!  I have a board meeting tomorrow and a genealogy meeting on Sunday.  Meeting an art pal in the morning.  Going to be a fun weekend! Life is good at the moment!


Sunday, December 04, 2011

Holiday horror-days

ha ha!  My new title for the month of December!  Not just the sugar highs from eating too much sweet stuff, but the stress of families.  Totals up to horror-days!  LOL!!!

So, his kids and grandkids have all agreed to come here on the 24th.  That eliminates any possibility of him going to visit his parents until next year.  Kids and I have worked out everything and I think it will be great with limited stress.

But he says,"they won't stay more than half an hour"

I said, "no, they are coming for 4 hours.  Buffet style lunch, then open presents, then craft time with kids"

He says, "we'll see if they stay"

But he's right.  Usually the open gifts and leave.  So he has reason to say what he did.

Sad that I have to plan an actual agenda to keep them around.  But I am.

Now to find craft projects for the little ones.

We had a busy weekend with all this.  My youngest sister, her boyfriend and her best friend from 1000 miles away were all here.  I had such a good time. It's always good to reconnect with childhood friends.

And hubby is always on his best behavior when company is here.

Things are going well at the moment. Not withstanding that his glucose is still over 200 every time he tests.

I'm trying to just take it one day at a time....keep carbs in him to keep the lows away, and keepthe conversations pleasant.  It's a full time job!


PS.  Thanks for your compliments about me starting this blog.  I don't think it was courage near as much as it was survival.  I know that writing down your thoughts and feelings is one of the best forms of therapy.  Meeting each of you is just the icing on the cake!