Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ear plugs??? EAR PLUGS?????

LOLOL! Sorry, I just had to type that. Someone posted a response to an earlier post that ear plugs are needed even with a CPAP machine. Oh me...I wish I had a machine that measures decibles.....he's totally over the limit. OK....when he is in bed on the second floor and I am in the basement, with 3 doors shut between us, I can still hear him snore. Just imagine what it's like to be in bed next to him! No one sleeps!

Last night, I laid here and just watched him. He was sleeping on his stomach. Snoring loudly. But his lower leg would raise up, rotate in a circle a couple of times and then just bang back down to the bed so hard it would bounce me up off the bed. Now, I know this sounds strange, but I know he was sound asleep as he was snoring quite deeply (translate that loud). And this didn't happen once, it repeated over and over until I finally just got up and went to sleep on the sofa.

But it totally amazed me that his foot would raise straight up from the knee, perpendicular to his leg, rotate in a circle anywhere from 1 to 3 times and then just as if it lost all sense of being, drop with a dead weight to the bed.

And I can't believe it didn't wake him up.

I asked him this morning if he knew he was doing that and I don't think he believed me at was just so bizzare.

Ear plugs won't do a thing to solve the tidal wave that leg of his creates! I so hope the sleep study will turn up something.

Good news. We rode 5 hours on the ATV today over very rugged terrain. I know he is sore and exhausted....but he was outside doing something! I'm planning at least 2 rides for next weekend. However, I think I may be the one who is in the most pain at the moment! LOL! It's really hard when the body gets old, but the brain doesn't. I still think I can do all the things I did when I was 18. Well, I'm not giving up this sport just yet.

And by the way. Day 8 with no diet soda for me! Yeah!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Long distance lows

What do you do when you are 3 hours away and you know he is having a low?

The plans are that he drive up this evening with the ATV and we go out tomorrow with my sis and her hubby. Granted, we have not been out since last fall and this is an unplanned trip. He has called me numerous times looking for things that he needs for the ride. Goves, goggles, etc.

So he calls me a little bit ago and says, "I am really getting tired of this Easter egg hunt you are taking me on. Where did you put the trailer hitch?" I said, "I wouldn't have put it anywhere, you would have put it up." And he said, "You took it off the truck." And I said, "No, that's something you would have done." And he replied, "I don't know why you take it off, but you always take it off the truck." And I said, "I don't need this, goodbye."

Now...a bit of logic thinking. The truck is his. I have a 4WD vehicle. "My" trailer hitch is on my vehicle. So why on earth would I take his off? and leave mine on? So I can tell he is not thinking well and therefore, must be in a low. I'm not there, so I can't tell for sure. But the one thing I do know is that I have never taken the trailer hitch off his truck. I would have no reason to do that.

So once again, I'm sure he has not eaten a thing all day long, (I wasn't there to fix meals for him) he is trying to do something and it's not working for him, so he is calling me, 3 hours away from him, and blaming all the problems on me.

Well, that tells me a couple of things. I can't escape his lows no matter where I am. And it reinforces what a lovely week I've had.

I think if he calls me one more time, I will just tell him nicely to stay home. It's just not worth the frustration of all this.

And I have had such a lovely week. So much that I am dreading going home. Now, isn't that sad?

No answers needed....I'm just thinking out loud, and documenting yet one more incident because I know he will not remember that he blamed me for this.

Note to self. When you get home, go buy some type of shelving for the garage where everything is out in the open. Most likely he looked inside the tub and there was a jacket or blanket on top that he did not bother to remove. So you need to put everything out in the open where it can be easily found.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 5 of my new altered life

So, I left home last Saturday. Took a leisurely drive up through the mountains. Spent the night at mom's and celebrated Mother's Day with her. Then took another 3 hour drive up a different mountain highway to get to a small place where 2 of my sisters live. I have been here all week. It has been a slice of heaven! One of my sisters and I are starting a jewelry making business. So we have been designing and creating prototypes all week long.

When I left home, I decided to give no soda a try. Today is day 5. I will survive! LOL! I also decided to totally alter the way I eat. Day 5. I will survive that as well! I am hoping that when I get home, I can continue doing good things for me, regardless of what else goes on in my life.

Hubby is driving up tomorrow and we will spend the weekend out exploring the surrounding hills on our ATVs. It will get him outside which is so good for him! And good for me as well!

It's been such a nice week. I've slept 8 - 10 hours every night. So I'm starting to feel a bit more rested. We've been in constant contact via cell phone calls...but it's just been a nice reprieve to be away, to have time to think, to be creative with my sister. We've had lunch with our other sister almost every day, so that's been fun, too.

And we've been walking every day.

I think I've just decided that hubby can eat all the bags of Dove chocolate that he wants. I'm going to get serious and take off my extra 25 pounds, do good things for me and put good things in my body. Hmmmm...are you thinking what I'm thinking? That I'm having too much hope that it will rub off on him? Nope! I'm doing this for me, not for him. I'll be fixing salad for me and he will be cooking for himself! Well, unless he wants salad with me!

Feels good!