Thursday, December 06, 2012

And the plans have changed again!

Now, hubby, dad and brother are leaving early tomorrow and will drive straight thru.  They will be here a week and then drive back.  Hubby will stay with his dad for 2 months, then come home for a month while his brother stays with their dad.  They will rotate this for a year???  I'm not sure I like that at all!!!  But maybe it will work out.  Who knows.  All I know is that I was not expecting them here for 3 more days so I better get busy!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2012


No bankruptcy.  He agreed to cash I a pension and use those funds to pay off his debt.  The attorney will work with his creditors to get the balance as low as possible.  Once that's done we will see where we are financially.  I am pleased that he will not go through bankruptcy.

He may be home by the middle of the month.  Bringing his dad and brother with him.  My biggest question is what is the plan if his dad moves here and hubby gets sick?  I cannot be responsible for his dad.  His brother has to agree to come get him.  And I think we all know that hubby will get sick.

Kind of amazing that he's been so healthy the pasta 2 months, huh?  I think he can stay healthy here, or go back to his dads!!!

I am doing good.  Walking a again, eating healthy, getting more done around here.  You know how it is when you move into a new place. You put things away just to get them inboxes.  This week I've been organizing a bit.  I had meds in 3 different places and now they are all in one place.  Things like that.  Feels good to make a little better sense of where things are.

Busy week ahead.  My sister got all moved in and we have been working to get all of her stuff unpacked.  Will be so nice once we all all settled.  So I now have 2 sisters living where I do and our brother is 30 minutes away.  Our other sis is about 4 hours away so guess we start working on her!  She says not until she retires.  Ha ha!

I plan to totally enjoy these last few days before the drama starts in.  Yes, I will still talks to a divorce lawyer....but I do plan to go very slow and make a solid decision, not one based on anger.