Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the medical merry-go-round

The kidney doc wanted hubby to stop taking one of his bp meds as it is too hard on his kidneys.

the heart doc said - never stop taking that, not even for surgery

so he paid to go see the heart doc who agreed that he could stop it now that his surgeries are over.  But if his bp went up, he was to call her

his bp has been around 145/95 for about a month now.  He got ahold of the heart doc today.

She put him on a different bp med.  Said it may make his hands, feet, legs and arms swell up.  My make his heart race.  He is to call if there are any symptoms

I think he should have stayed on the first med as his kidney function is at 36% and it really did control his bp

Once again - idiot doctors.  No one talks to anyone else.  We have to be the messengers, telling one doc what the other said we are to do or not to do and sometimes....we forget!

In the meantime, my sis and I had a wonderful day.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Life is good

and calm at the moment.  No outbursts.  His glucose is still running between 192 and 220.  Too high.  But he doesn't want to change his meds.  He's having a lot of pain, but working through it.

I'm playing more.  Being creative in my studio.

Spent all of last week at my sister's and she's coming down tomorrow to spend the rest of the week here.

We are going to play with dichroic glass in the kiln.  Cutting and shaping glass.  Experimenting.  What we do best.

About 8 years ago, she was in an accident where her left leg was run over twice by her own car.  She fell on ice, the car rolled over it, then reversed and rolled back over it.  It's a miracle that she did not lose her leg when it happened.  As she ages, she's having more pain and problems with it - not sleeping well.  She's not in a wheelchair yet and is able to still get around...but we can tell that it's getting worse as she ages.

So I told her that while we can still drive, still get together, still play, we need to do so as much as we can.

Seems to take my mind off what's going on here when I can be of help to her.  And hubby seems to understand and doesn't mind.  In fact, when she is here, he is in a great mood.

We live about 3 hours apart, and are both working towards an eventual goal of being in the same town as our mom and youngest sister.  It's a goal.

Should be a good week.  Very much needed.