Thursday, December 09, 2010

On again, odd again, on again....

LOL!!! Not sure where we last left off, but we are now back to having back surgery and not going away for the holidays. I should write down the decision of the day, huh? And this today after a new cortisone injection just yesterday. He actually called the surgeons office this afternoon. The or room has been booked and everything is on schedule. I wouldn't do it myself, but then I'm not in pain.

I worry about it being too soon after his heart surgery

I worry that his kidneys will fail with 2 surgeries 2 days apart

I worry that he may be worse off than he is now

It has been 6 full months since he last had any labs done.

He said he will get them done in January.

I am praying for a quiet remainder of the year

My sis is here for. Couple of weeks so he is on his best behavior

And she is giving me much needed reprieve from our daily life

It's all good-- like the quiet before the storm