Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another new sore

on his right foot. Same place. 3 open, oozing areas. I wonder if this one will heal. He said he is going to call his doctor on Monday. He doesn't feel like leaving the house again. I'm sure his feet are killing him. It's painful just for me to look at it, so it must be bad for him.

Good progress on sleep. The Cpap is really working. He is sleeping more and longer and does have more energy. But the energy is being zapped by the increased pain.

I can't help but think if we could get the feet well.....we could get the rest well.

It only takes a moment

for all of life to come to a standstill. My middle sister was in a serious car wreck yesterday and her Escape was totalled. She walked away with only a silver-dollar sized bruise where the side airbag hit her hip. 2 merging cars from the on-ramp forced her car into the rail and it flipped and skidded upside down down the freeway.

A state patrolman was on the frontage road and saw the whole thing. He started running when she flipped and was there when she stopped skidding. She said she was hanging upside down and could not get her seatbelt undone and all she wanted to do was get out of the car before it caught fire.

A woman who saw the whole thing came up and held her and hugged her and would not let go of her. But my sis walked away. And for that, I thank God. I told her I will be up there Friday and I'm going to hug her non-stop too!

It only takes a moment to flip a car, skid upside down a highway. It only takes a moment to lose a life. Today, I am just grateful for the moments I have left with my husband because I truly do love him.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Another welcome break!

This week, I'm visiting my sister because our mom is visiting her. My "job" is to entertain mom so my sis can have a bit of a break. I drove up this morning and will be here til Thursday, so getting a break from diabetes. Quite nice! And I will have time to create and design so I can slip into that mode and just play!

Hubby always complains when I go away, but I've explained that I need to help my sisters as we all take care of our mom. So he doesn't battle me too much.

He is off the crutches now. But for how long? Our weekend was peaceful and we actually got a few things done around the house.

The down side of being gone is I know he will go to the store and indulge in bags of chocolate. So I will predict that by next weekend or early next week, he will be having more flare-ups with his feet or an infection in a joint somewhere.

So sad that I can now predict the cycle.

But at least I'm on a holiday! :o)