Tuesday, August 14, 2012

catching up

things are stable with hubby

is it because the rest of life is so unstable?

My mass/scheduling surgery/pre-op

Closing on our old house in a week

My mom took a turn for the worse/on hospice/moved her into my sister's house

all in the last 2 weeks

Now 2 of us are staying with mom every night, so either I get no sleep in 24 hours, or stay at least 16 hours

hubby never sees me

Mom is better today.  I have been home for 10 hours now and plan to spend the night at home.  Hoping things calm down with her at my sisters

Other sis is depressed because they didn't get the house they made an offer on

And when you think it can't get any worse....you simply wait for the next "thing" to happen!

Tonight, I am grateful for you.  For people who send me kind notes.  For friends I will most likely never meet.  For faith and belief and trust.  For my own bed!!!  For a hubby who can back off when he knows I can't take another thing.

And it will all get better.  I have faith.  This is but a bump in the road and one day soon it will be smooth sailing.  I did get to work a few hours in my garden and made great progress.  The perfect therapy - I found a new bloom this evening!


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