Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kidney stones

This morning he went to bed about 9:30 am and did not get back up until about 2:30 pm. Tonight he told me he thought he had been passing a kidney stone. He said he hasn't had one in about 20 years. He thinks it has passed.

He is just not sticking to the "diet" at all. Tonight we went out and he had a hamburger and fries. Exactly what he does not need.

He said he thought he might be depressed. I suggested talking to his doctor and perhaps going on meds for that. He just blew me off. As usual. But he did say that he wondered if that is why he sleeps all the time.

He has also reversed his position this week on downsizing and moving to a 1 level condo. Now he says we are staying here and installing an elevator. But I think that's ridiculous. It doesn't solve the issues of getting a wheelchair into a bathroom. Just trying to think about what is best for us for the future. I just can't keep up with the cleaning, gardening and yardwork. It is exhaustive.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

optic migraines

Yesterday, he said he was having a whole series of optic migraines. He described them as huge white spots in the middle of his vision. He said he has had them in the past and has talked to his doctor about them. He just sits for about 15 minutes and they go away. No headache with them.

And his right rotator cuff is giving him fits. This morning he said he did not sleep for the pain. So I asked if he needs to go see the doctor for that and he said, "I might".

I'm wondering if optic migraines are a precurser to diabetic blindness.