Saturday, October 22, 2016


For lack of another term, I will use lethargy.

I have noticed that he can no longer pick up his feet when he walks.  So he trips a lot.  His feet get caught in rugs and on carpet runners.  Shuffling.

Left the house and "forgot" to close the front door.

Got out of the car and "forgot" to close the car door.

Little things like that.

Yesterday, I'm not sure how, but when he opened a bottle of diet coke, it exploded.  Gushing out.  He just stood in the middle of the kitchen.  Did nothing.  I yelled to get it over the sink and he said, "I'm trying to".....but he didn't move.  He just remained standing there in the middle of the kitchen.

It's like his mind thought he was moving....but his body wasn't.

And then I had to mop the floor, wipe down the cabinets, the stove, microwave, sink, countertops, had spewed everywhere.  Half the 2 liter bottle was gone!

I am trying to be more aware.....I have to be.  Can't leave and have the front door wide open.

I have read enough to understand that this could be either diabetic neuropathy, kidney failure, or additional heart problems.

Almost like watching a slow motion movie in real life.

Life can be so interesting.  :)