Friday, August 20, 2010

update on venus ulcer and more

Lilly wrote:

Just wondering: If he has been eating whatever he wants, his blood sugar is probably way too high at times. I know that my husband (Type 1, not Type 2) can get extremely verbally abusive at both extremes: too high, or too low, and I'm not always sure which it is, until he passes out (or just keeps ranting). Sadly, when he decides to sleep all day and I am at home, I enjoy the peace and quiet. And he wonders why I don't try to wake him! I am also avoiding being in the same room with him more and more, to keep from being yelled at or criticized for senseless things. (He also tells me he's not yelling; I'm yelling at him!) Simply being on survival mode is NOT the way I want things to be all the time, but this is my reality right now. I don't want to leave a chronically ill husband, but some days . . . !

He has to be going high because he's still at 6.2 overall and having lows. But he's not testing any more. Probably hasn't tested in 2 months now.

I have escaped to my sisters (2 hours away) for 5 days. I have 2 sisters who live in the same town, so the 3 of us have a weekend planned of chick flicks, shopping and resting. It's the best therapy on earth. And I'm close enough that if I absolutely need to go home, I can, but far enough away to get a break.

Went with him to the doctor's yesterday and they took off the unna boot. Doc thinks there may be new cell growth, so they wrapped it back up and we wait another week. If there was new cells, then we should see major progress in another week. If it wasn't, then he will go to the wound care center. His leg was totally shriveled up from being wrapped so tight. I thought it looked even more infected, but the doctor thought it was new cell growth. So we wait another week.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


I think between fighting that, the irritation of the unna boot, eating crap again, sugars going high and low, I needed to get away.