Wednesday, December 23, 2009

torn sciatic nerve

He tore it a couple of days ago. Yes, self-diagnosis as he refuses to go to the doctor. So I made him (literally forced him) to remain in bed all day yesterday. He was beyond bored after the first 10 movies! LOL! Today, he got up and announced he was fine. So I decided to test his theory out. Told him we could go to lunch and then get groceries. Well, I could tell that about 2 aisles into the grocery - he was near death - the pain was so bad!

So much for "I feel great!" He's back in bed where I plan to make him stay today and tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow evening, he wants to go be with his granddaughters. Hurmph! Me thinks he has no business going anywhere....but I'm sure I won't be able to keep him home.

Got me to wondering. With neuropathy - can it impact the sciatic nerve? Logic tells me that it can, but I can't find much on the internet about that. If it can kill the nerve endings in the fingers and toes....can it kill the sciatic nerve? And then he wouldn't be able to walk? I have read much about people becoming paralyzed from torn sciatic nerves. A bit on the scary side. I know I'm not ready for him to be paralyzed. But he seems to be in no mood to listen to my I'll just write about them here.

It's definitely making for a quiet holiday. And that's fine with me. But I just have to wonder if it's the quiet before the storm?

Tom's wife - sorry to hear about your work stress. Home stress is more than enough - I can't fathom stress from work on top of that! Hugs to you and to everyone this holiday season!