Sunday, November 25, 2012


He can drive me insane at times like this.  We have a very old laptop (2001) that we use as a media server in this house.  We do not have TV, cable, etc., so he loads movies on to external hard drives attached to this laptop and we can watch the movies from any room.

So the server needed to be rebooted and when I did that, it lost it's connection to the wireless network, and forgot the password.  I typed in the password I thought he used.  It's only 22 digits long.  A little paranoia there?  I have begged him over the years to make it shorter....nothing doing.

It came back invalid.

I called hubby and asked him if he could give me the password for the home network.  I was then back at the desktop in his bedroom.  So he says (blah blah blah) and I said, no, that's the log in password for that computer.  Way too short for the internet password.  He says, "which wireless are you trying to log into?"  I said (2nd time) the "home network".  He says "B----?" and I said, "yes".  So he starts quoting the password and I said,  "no, that's wrong, it starts with N-----"

And he said, "what network are you wanting?"

And I said, "OK, I cannot deal with this tonight.  I just don't need this".  And I hung up on him.
He called right back, but I didn't answer.  I mean, seriously, how many times do I need to tell him which network?  We only have 2 networks.  One for him to use and one for me, guests, anyone else, including the media server and it's just identified as "home".

He has to be having a sugar crash to be this dumb.


he's watching something on TV at his dad's and is trying to talk to me, but is paying more attention to whatever is on TV and not hearing a word I'm saying.

Let's take a poll.....what do you think???

OK, I need to have a little fun out of this, but I swear that when he gets "stupid" like this it absolutely drives me insane.  I'm going to bet that he calls me back at 9:30 pm when his "Sunday night TV shows" are over.

In the meantime, I did track down the password by going into his desktop and looking at his keychain.  Sure enough, there it was.  Sigh.  At least I can now watch a movie tonight.  I totally think I should put a TV in the bathroom where I could take a long hot bath and watch a movie!  Should be a requirement for any woman!



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Anonymous said...

Ugh! So frustrating!
Our thanksgiving went ok
but tonight I feared Tom was going to collapse!
its a never-ending battle.