Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Endo appt

stupid NP.

Wants to return to an insulin schedule he tried 2 years ago that failed miserably.

Because he didn't try it with her.
He was so mad when we left that his bp was 145/95
He said he will never go see her again

I have to agree

She was completely demeaning towards him

Talked down to him as tho he was a child.

Asked him if he knew what a carb was!!!

That's the problem with an HMO...you get someone different every time.

She said no way he could have dka

I asked what the smells were. She looked at me like I was a complete idiot

No, she never gave me an answer, just changed the subject.

Today's visit set him back 2 years in my opinion.



Monday, July 18, 2011

Return manipulation

For lack of a better term...he won't paint, so I told him I won't clean up after the dogs anymore. I will no longer put away food that he leaves in the counter. I will no longer take the dirty dishes that he puts in the sink in the dishwasher for him.

About once a day I'm finding something else I won't be doing for him anymore.

I think he's going to end up picking up a paint brush yet! LOL!!!

I'm taking the week off and going up to my sisters again. Finished the kitchen, breakfast nook, and 2 walls in the family room. That included 9 huge windows, a door and a regular sized window. Have been at this nonstop for 10 days and need a break. But it is starting to look wonderful!!

Might just get as good at this as DW2!!



Oh, James. Name calling is just so unfair. Yes, he called me that and said he expects someone else to call 911 when he passes out.

Now, I think we can assume that James is a diabetic.

So why is he passing out? Because he didn't test often enough? Because he doesn't know that his glucose is low? And while he doesn't take care of himself, and passes out....he still expects someone to be there and call 911!!!

Now I think most of us know that if our spouse passes out, we will make the call. My point is that a diabetic EXPECTS someone to make that call. And my question is why the heck are they passing out??

99% of the time it's going to be because they go low. So why the heck do they allow themselves to get so low they pass out?

Absolutely no excuse for that these days with all the testing equipment available.

James is such a typical diabetic. So quick to accuse and call out names! Never willing to look at themselves and ask the very questions I'm asking. Why do you allow yourself to be in a situation where anyone has to call 911? And yes, we are only talking about Diabetes 911 related calls.

My hubby went all day long without eating. Then went out in the hot sun for an hour, then drank a gin and tonic. I made the call when he passed out. His glucose was down to 30. He had not tested in months. I understand not being hungry and not wanting to eat...but that's still no reason to not test and not take care of yourself. And when you don't do that, it's not my job to be here 24/7 just in case you might need someone to call 911. Lucky for him I was here when it happened!

So James, go ahead, call me all the names you want. But I happen to think the real freakazoid here are men like you who expect someone to take care of them rather than stepping up to the plate and taking care of themselves!!!