Saturday, May 12, 2012

Surviving stress

Life is amazing. I have no patience. Last night I was so depressed as I needed to make another house hunting trip next week. I had spent 3 days printing out everything available in our price range, reviewing properties at the assessors office..... Tonight, our realtor called. Two days ago, I had told him if the contract on the house I wanted fell thru, I wanted to write a new one on it. He said it was a cash deal and there was no way it wouldn't sale. I said a prayer. The other realtor called him and said the couple decided to walk away from it. I said, how fast can you write a contract? He was at his kids baseball game. He called the other realtor and we now have a verbal buy the house I really want. We may close next Friday!!! We may be moving in a week. I am so excited!! I will be 2 blocks from mom and my sister, 2 miles from another sister, 23 miles from my brother. I can hardly believe it. Hubby just says, "I never had any doubt" Funny. He is still on his best behavior.....and his glucose is coming down. The flatulence is gone. Perhaps he is back on track to live life a few more years!! Tonight I'm doing a huge happy dance that will be even bigger once we get moved in. He is still agreeing to pt the house in my name exchange I will provide his health insurance for the rest of his life. Fair trade. Lied is better tonight. DW

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Is he really changing?

Is it the Prozac?  I don't know, but things are great!  He is so calm....even keeled.  No outbursts in nearly 2 weeks now.  When I ask him to help, he does.   It's actually pleasant most of the time.  He does seem to be more isolated - is that the depression?  I have never been around anyone 24/7 that is on prozac.

There is such peace here right now.  Just when I was ready to walk away from it all.  So I wonder if this is a joke or something.  But I will take it while it lasts.  

Dare I push my luck?  Ask for even more changes?  I did ask him today what he wanted to do for the next 20 years and he said he didn't know.  So I said I thought he should think about that.  I said I would like to put our energy into fixing up our new home (if we ever find one) and into decorating it and he said that would be ok.

I asked him to help me do yardwork tomorrow and he said he would.  It can't be this simple.  I know - don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

Anyway, I needed to write about this and then see how long it lasts.  His glucose is getting back under control as the endo is working closely with him.  I am hoping the next A1c has much better results.  Is it a combination of that and the changes in other medications?

It's been a good day!


Sunday, May 06, 2012


Interesting.  Came home after being gone this week. Clean house.  Smells clean. Counters are clean.  Everything is put away.

No conversation and I did not try to engage him in a conversation.  Simply unpacked, did laundry, caught up on emails, etc.  Sat down in the family room and he finally decided to chat with me....4 hours after I got home.

He went to bed at 7 pm.  I'm finishing laundry.

Not much of a marriage - but at least no yelling and screaming.  I am enjoying the peace.  I enjoyed my time away.

Drove by a house that I love, so I am going to mail a letter to the owner and see if they have any interest in selling.  One just never knows and it doesn't cost to ask!!!

Tomorrow is a new day and a new week.  Will continue walking and working on my own health.  Decided I need to start eating an apple a day to keep my doctor away!  LOL!!!