Sunday, November 09, 2014

November update

He was here for a week this month.  First time since January.  Things actually went just fine between the 2 of us so perhaps caring for his father and being gone for over 2 years has been good.  He has to come back to get labs and see his doc in order to continue to get his prescriptions.

A1C was at 10.2.  Not good at all.  But looking back at the grid I used to keep, he has been at 8 and 9 most of the time since Feb 2010, which is when he had his heart attack.

His cataracts are growing, but they prescribed new contacts.  He had cornea transplants 30 years ago and they don't want to do cataract surgery until they have to.

He went on Medicare with his disability.  Thought he was part of the "donut" where he would have to pay very high Rx for the last 3 months of the year.  However, he's on my HMO which protects him from that donut and he won't be paying $2500 per month for his insulin (Humulin RU 500 concentrated) - not on anyone's formulary.  So he needs to stay "married" to me.  I suggested that he needs to "keep me happy".  LOL!

I spent the summer gardening and decided to lose some weight.  Down 32 pounds and still working on it.  Walking at least 18 miles a week.  Feels great!  I am learning how to not eat for comfort.  I have given up all soda and sweets, red meat and most flour.  Throwing myself into raising flowers was so therapeutic this summer - I loved it!  Already making plans and lists for my gardens next summer.  And some major projects this year.  I put in 1500 pounds of flagstone making a patio and path.  And I hung new "used" kitchen cabinets in the garage along with putting up slat wall to give me more storage.  I also put in all new closet systems in 4 closets in the house and added 2 in the garage.  Wow!  I think I did some work this year!

I walk with one sister every day and see the other sister 3-4 times a week.  I've been making jewelry and just recently returned to leather crafting.  It's been a really great year and I'm looking forward to the next few months.  I'm getting close to my weight loss goal, getting healthier both physically and mentally.  Enjoying my reprieve from caregiving.  Been a great year!