Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My sincere apologies

to those who have emailed me in private these last 3 months and I have not responded.  Not to make excuses, but my laptop died and I have been blogging from my ipad.  Not the easiest thing to do.  And I use yahoo as my email for this blog and it somehow was attacked by a website that posted 3 - 4 emails a day.  So when I looked, I never saw your emails!

Today....I am the proud owner of a new laptop!  YEAH!  And as I was transferring email accounts over....I stumbled on so many emails from all of you.  Most about the time that mom died.  I'm actually happy to have waited to read them tonight.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I did try to respond to each one of them, so if you did not get a note from me and you wrote to me, try again!  (I think I got rid of the spammer!)

Also today, we got all the paper work notarized and filed.  It was a terribly busy day.  Some sadness.  But we both agree this is the route we need to take.  As I wrote to someone, I am grateful that I know I will be getting a 6 month break.  I need it.  I am going to rest.  Work in my garden in the spring - they are all flowers if I didn't mention that.  I planted 120 tulips last fall and am anxious to see if any pop up this spring! The climate here is a bit warmer than where we lived, so I'm not sure I've planted them too deep for the old months.  I will find out soon enough!

I have to repaint the ceiling in the house, take are of a few other things when I get back.  So I will be busy and I will keep posting.  We are moving forward with debt reduction negotiations with his creditors.  That will be an interesting project.  I've done a ton of research so I think we can handle this on our own.  When I went to the court house today, the clerk was impressed with how accurately we had completed all the paperwork and said that we didn't miss a single form. She couldn't remember that ever happening.  I was pleased.  If one can be pleased about getting a separation.

Once again, my apologies to all of you who wrote when mom died.  I do think I'm going through the grief process just fine and am on the upward side of things.  Life is starting to look a little better.  I'm getting more active with my art and will teach classes once I get back home.  Hopefully I can have 6 months of happy posts here!


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