Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sleeping his life away

Hubby seems to be sleeping more and more. He wakes up at 7 am and lets the dogs out, then goes back to sleep. Will get up around 10 am and stays awake til noon. Then he snoozes in his chair in the living room until 3 or 4 pm. He usually goes to bed at 7 pm and will sleep thru most of whatever movie he has on. He is having more and more lows. Countering them with power bars and/or glucose tabs. Because of my own looming upcoming mammogram, I am trying my best to ignore most of this but finding that difficult to do. I visit my mom daily and 2 of my sisters seem to stop by every days which is great diversions. I can talk to both of them and distress. I never realized just how much I needed my family to help me get through the day. I truly am feeling much less stressed by hubby's continuing decline. Some days I think he lives like an 80 year old man. We installed central AC this week and he seems to be less grouchy which is a welcome relief. But I have noticed a new pattern that when a low is coming on, he gets demanding. Whatever he wants done has to get done right then and matter how crazy the task seems.m I'm learning to just get him something to eat, or act like I'm starving to death! Seems to be working. And he is gaining weight again. A pattern that happens when he starts having lows. It's like it's permission for him to eat anything and everything he wants. Last night he ate 3 huge burgers!!! I keep reminding him we are on a budget. Doesn't seem to be sinking in! Tomorrow I'm off to garage sales with one sister, then taking mom to a bookstore. After that I will put up shelves in his room and then I hope to put a layer of thick plastic in the crawl space. So much timid when you move into a new house...I wonder if I will ever get it all done. In the meantime, I am loving every moment of living here!! DW

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