Saturday, July 02, 2011

A1c at 8.3

proof he's not keeping it under control at all.  Can hardly wait to see what the other labs show, but probably won't have the results til Tuesday due to the weekend.

I had a wonderful staycation at my sister's place.  So rested.  Came back Friday.  He fell Thursday evening going down the stairs and didn't tell me until I got home.  Hurt his back.  Taking dilaudid again.  Fine with me....I'm just going to "use" this as ammunition that we need to get to a one level as soon as we can.  :o)

So, his back is hurting him and everything for the weekend got cancelled.  Not going to slow me down.  I'm back from my morning errands and I'm off to the movies next.  Taking care of my stress the best I can.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The great experiment

I have been here at my sister's since Sunday.  My body is loving it.  No pain, no stiffness.

I moved heavy furniture today helping her.  I lifted, carried, restacked heavy books.  I worked hard for 3 hours. I could not have done this a week ago.

I am going home Friday.

If I get sick again, then I am going to turn around and come back here and if it goes away.....then I will know that is is the stress he is causing me.

My brother-in-law and I talked about that tonight.  He started pointing out to me all the stressful things my husband says and does.  Things I hadn't paid an ounce of attention to.

Others are seeing what I'm blind to. It helps to know.

This is my "great experiment"  We won't know the results for a few weeks....but I have to say, it is wonderful to be able to move again.