Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How much stress...

can a couple handle?

Hubby was laid off/retired in March.  Our income was reduced by 80%.  We cashed in all our savings, sold tons of stuff, downsized by 2/3 and moved 125 miles away the end of May.  From big city hectic life to a small retirement community.

3 weeks ago, I had a lumpectomy.  A week ago last Friday his mom passed away.  Last Friday he buried her the same day my mom passed away.  Today we buried my mom.

Hubby is 1000 miles away taking care of his diabetic, heart patient dad.  I am here taking care of things that have to be done after my mom's passing.  Then I will have to join hubby and help him sell off everything and put his dad's house on the market and move his dad.

My diabetic husband who could barely take care of himself, staying with his dad.

I wonder if we will survive.  I honestly wonder how long his dad will live.  He has a pacemaker in.  He has had numerous heart attacks.  Diabetic. If I remember correctly, he takes 72 pills a day (many of them are vitamins and nutrients) but what a sight to sit and watch him count them all out every morning.

I worry that hubby will say there is no reason to stay here now and want to move somewhere else.  I just don't think I can move again.  I don't see how.  But there is no reason we couldn't move into his father's home and take care of him there - I can feel him thinking that - he just hasn't asked that question yet.

Tonight, I'm emotionally drained.  So hard to bury your own mom.  Maybe the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  I will cherish the memory of her forever.



Deb said...

I read your blog and I am very, very sorry for all your losses. Just when things were starting to look up in your lives.

Hang in there because something good will eventually come out of all of this loss.

Since you are in a retirement community I hope your father-in-law can move there with you all.

You've had enough change for now.

Time you all put your needs first.

Gizgad said...

You are in my thoughts & prayers.