Thursday, April 16, 2009

Angry diabetics in denial

sending me nasty posts that I just continue to reject. Yet you continue to prove to me that diabetics are exactly that....angry and in denial. It just amazes me!!!

I have to wonder if you do not understand the cycle that we spouses so clearly see? You do not take care of yourself. OK, you think you do, but you don't. Your sugar drops, you hit a low, and look out - the venom just spews forth from your mouth. There are even times when it becomes physical.

And you think this is a "little" problem? Well of course you do because you don't remember anything you say or do when you are in a low!!!

Because I refuse to take care of you does not make me anything other than a totally smart person. Your disease. Not mine. In fact, when I married you (when most of us married you) you were not in the condition you are in today. If you were, why on earth would we have gone on another date once you hit that first low with us? Nope, back then, you were actually pretty healthy. Little did we know the progression of this disease or that you would do so little to take care of yourself!

Oh, and the other thing I'd like for you to learn to do is to READ! HE is going on the vacation with me! LMBO! I'm not taking a vacation alone....HE is going, too! So you must have really been in a low when you wrote to me because you obviously can't even read!

Yep, just keep sending me your nasty little notes. I will reject them and write my rebuttals here so everyone else can say yep, must have been a non-compliant diabetic who is in denial writing something like that. I have proof. Just read back through all the comments that other spouses have written. I know I'm not alone in any of this. It's not me. It's you!!! After all, you are the one who has this disease. something to make yourself a little bit healthier rather than sending me your nasty little notes! :o)