Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vision problems?

I forgot to tell write about a conversation hubby and I had yesterday.  We were sitting under the pergola. We were talking about what needed to be done first in the back yard.  I said I thought we should re-do the pergola.  He said, why?  It's just fine the way it is.  I said that the boards were crooked, the top was coming apart.

He got mad.  He said that the board on the south top end was perfectly straight.  

I said,  I'm sitting right here looking at it.  The outside board is straight, but the inside board is warped.  

He said, What are you talking about?  There is only one board.

I got up and pointed to the outside board and said, What is this then?

He said, "I don't know."

Then I pointed to the center top insert boards and showed him the 1 1/2" to 2" gap.  He said, "they just put them in wrong".

I said, "the long boards are so warped, the short ones are pulling apart"

At that point he just got pissed off and said, "do whatever you want, you will anyway"

Can he not see how the boards are warped?  He thinks there is one board on the south top end and there are 2.  He cannot see that the inside board is totally warped?  Has his vision changed that much?  Can he not see the 1 1/2" gap between the shorter boards and the long boards?

He has been having me do more and more of the driving.  I asked him to drive on an errand today - 8 miles one way - and he said, "no, you can drive" so I did.

If he can't see, why doesn't he just say so?

I'm tired of guessing.



Boop82 said...

He's a man. They won't admit they have a problem until it's too late or they're forced to look into it.

Lilly said...

How long has it been since he had an eye exam? The last time my husband went to the eye doctor, he was told he needed cataract surgery. As far as I know, he has made no effort to get it done yet. Since I am gone, it is now totally up to him . . . maybe living in denial is working for both of them?

Good luck,


Diabeteswife said...

Because he's had cornea transplants, he gets annual eye tests. He does need cataract surgery and is refusing to have that done.