Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cpap machine

Sometimes, I just don't notice much in life. Today, for some reason, I woke up and saw his cpap machine sitting beside his bed. That means he went on this trip without it.

One more indication to me that he has no inclination whatsoever to take care of himself.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


he flew home Monday and back out this morning. This is a business trip and he's gone for a week. He wasn't home long enough for anything to be discussed...but I'm making changes in my own life. Going to cut back, clean out, downsize so we can hopefully sell this house next year and move into a condo...or a 1 level house.

He has a horrible infection in the 2nd toe on his left foot. Is oozing puss. He is limping when he walks. We did go to the store yesterday and he bought new walking shorts....size 40 waist. 3 years ago his waist was 34. He did not use his CPap either night he was home. But he only had one giant Milky Way bar. I can only imagine what he will eat this next week. Somehow, I just don't care. I plan to just enjoy the solitude, work in my studio, continue to finish remodeling the guest bedroom, and take care of me.