Friday, June 25, 2010


How much pain can one person take? Poor hubby. I worry about him day and night. He simply can't do the physical therapy they want him to do for his back. He is in somuch pain that he vomits. How sad is that?

And yes, that much pain has an impact on his glucose levels. Even with as many lows as he had after his heart surgery, his A1c is still at 6.9. Sigh. That means that for all those's going really high at other times. Sigh.

But pain management is the number one priority at the moment. He is not functioning at all. Sleeping way too much. Probably not eating enough. Not eating in a timely manner. Not sleeping because of the pain.

I want to cry for him, but I know it won't do any good. His daughter was here for father's day last weekend, and he really couldn't enjoy her company because he was in so much pain.

When will it end? Well, we are hoping they will try cortisone injections about mid July. But that's almost another month of waiting. Of intense pain. Of being sick to the stomach.

I can tell that the pain is wearing him thin. He doesn't have any humor left. He has no patience. He is getting more and more depressed.

How much pain can he take? I simply hope he can last another month.