Thursday, September 26, 2013

New labs

A1c is 9.1
Triglycerides are 1441
Kidney function is 36.1

Most of the other labs are all bad.

Protien in urine is off the charts at 525

He says he is not having any chest pains.

They started him on a new med this week for his sciatica.  It's a drug designed to control seizures, but they think it will help pain.  I have a son who has had seizures all his life.  All of those meds dull the senses,  increase reaction times, cause memory loss.  This one also increases depression and suicidal thoughts.  This is not what he needs!

But you can also tell just by watching him walk he has to be in severe pain.  His back is even more curved than before his surgery.

I have been wondering if the thing keeping him alive is caring for his dad.  If he were to come back here, would he live long.  I think it's good that he moved away to care for his dad and I think it's good he's going back.  We have come to an understanding and the past few days have been ok.  I do not envy him any of his medical conditions, but these new labs just are not painting a good picture.