Saturday, March 15, 2008


Life can be such a zoo. We are at my in-laws. Hubby's dad is diabetic, type 2, as well. His mom has these "attacks" and "spells" which I do believe are her way of getting my father-in-law to pump up in order to prevent a crash. It's so sad to watch. He starts to go into a sugar low, she has an "attack", he needs to "rescue" her which pumps him up and his sugar goes back to a normal. It's a near constant cycle here.

Plus, this time, they have the thermostat set at 85 degrees. We keep ours between 68 and 72. I am just roasting. Even hubby is sweating!

I'm very grateful to have an art buddy here, so for the past 3 days, we have been off shopping, desigining, creating and exploring some places about 2 hours from here that I've never been to before...little tourist trap communities. It's been quite fun, gets me out of this situation during the day and has truly inspired the creative side of me.

So now, after 3 days, hubby is whining and complaining that I "don't love him, don't want to be around him, would rather be with anyone else than him" tomorrow, I will give him the entire day. Wanna bet he sleeps the whole day? LOLOL!!!

Hubby has actually been doing pretty well here. I almost think he has to be the "strong" one for his parents.

We are talking about joining Nutri System when we get back home. Anyone have thoughts on their diabetic diet? Hubby has gained at least 40 - 50 pounds this past year and he needs to do something. And he can't do it on his own.

Faith, spouse of non-compliant diabetic

Your blog has been removed and I have not seen you post here since February 8th.

All I can do is say a prayer and hope that all is well.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Never say never!

And will I ever really learn that? We've spent the last 2 days driving 15 hours to his parent's house. And I said I wouldn't make that drive again. However, I do think I convinced him this time that we need to just fly from now on. I was able to rig up a heating pad to an outlet and that helped. He did not have problems with incontenince and the weather was good the whole day. We spent last night in a hotel which gave us some rest.

We used to arrive here and just collaspe in bed for the rest of the day, but we seem to be doing ok so far this afternoon.

He has started his new meds so hopefully that has helped with the incontenence.

Oh, why are we here? He called his mom last Saturday. It was her birthday. She started crying (as usual) and made him feel so bad he told her we would come see her.

He told me she said she wanted to see me, too.

Now, I do know that is a blatant was just his way of getting me to make the drive with him. I actually thought it was kind of cute. Not that I appreciate the lie....but that he wanted me to come with him. So, here I am. Thinking I will never make that drive again....15 hours in the cab of a pickup truck.....I'm way too old!

I'm sure I will be blogging daily from here to help me get through the stress of the visit. It's just what I do when I'm here.

And how is he? Well, his feet look worse to me. His stomach is totally bruised from the needles. And I've been researching hepatitis C which he has had since high school....and find that he is probably suffering some of the consequences of that as well (liver related problems). His attitude has been pretty calm for the past couple of weeks. I'm going to guess his blood levels are pretty normal. But then, how would we know since he never tests it? Sigh.

Other than that, life is good.