Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lab results

While many of his labs are outside the normal range, they are consistent with past labs.  I. E., his A1c is 10.6....which is where it's been for ages.

However,  the Microalbumin, ur, detection limit (should be under 30) is over 2000
The microalbumin/creatinine (should be under 30) is also over 2000.

The means his kidneys are not functioning and protein is high in his urine.

His doctor wants to do an ultrasound of his kidneys (to rule out a growth or blockage) and a 24hr urine test.

He said he is not going to do either test.

Sometimes he says that and then schedules the test anyway.

So I did some research and told him what I found and that I didn't think it would hurt to have the tests done.  We have excellent insurance and it wouldn't cost anything.  We'll see if he decides to do them - might take a week or so - I'll give him that long and ask.

But I do understand.  Not knowing the test results - you can go on just as things are right now.  They will either tell him that he needs more drugs, dialysis, or that there's problems with his heart (which I suspect).  He continues to say that he is not going back into a hospital.

My argument is that his doctor might refuse to treat him if he doesn't agree to the treatments he recommends and further testing would be part of his overall treatment plan.

In the meantime, his pneumonia symptoms went away and he is breathing better.  He had a "boil" type something on his neck and the doc put him on an antibiotic and it has not only helped the "boil" but everything else.  He goes back to the doc on the 29th.