Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I'm so tired.

I've been getting up at 5 am, going outside to do some gardening.  This morning I had hoped to put together the little garden shed, but decided we have to level the back yard before we can put it up.

At 8:30 am, hubby came outside and said he wanted to talk.  So we sat down under the pergola.  It was about insurance for the new house.  He explained something, then I asked a question.  He said, no, let me explain how it is....and then he said exactly what I just asked....but in a statement not a question.  So I asked him how that was any different from what I had just said.  He got mad.  He started to raise his voice and I said I'm done and walked through the garage to go into the house.  Here he comes yelling after me that I am just acting like a child.  So I decided, yes, I can act like a child and slammed the door as I came into the house.

Sort of funny - guess he didn't like that at all.  Came in after me, cornered me, stuck his finger right in my face and was yelling at me and he just wouldn't stop.  I kept saying that I'm done.  I'm not discussing anything with you while you are in this mood.  To which he just ranted.  He just plain ranted.  Started accusing my sister who lives here that she had to come "rescue" me yesterday because I was so mad at him.  Honestly, I couldn't remember being mad at him at all, but just to shut him up, I said "yes".

About then the doorbell rang and it was her.  I told her we had to go walk.  Of course, she reminded me that she rescued me from the heat.  I had been working outside and was hot and sweaty and couldn't find something I was looking for and that's why I was upset.....so she rescued me!  LOL!

Now, why couldn't I remember that?

Buy why did he turn it around to me being upset with him?

It just amazes me.  I'm pretty sure he was having a sugar low.  But of course he knows that he wasn't.  But I'm sure the yelling got him up out of the low as fast as possible as he was pretty angry with me.

If he thinks he's going to go into a rage outside....he's got another "think" coming!!!

I think the day is just going to go downhill from here.  I am so grateful that I will be driving my sister 3 hours to her house this evening and for the next 2 days we will be packing up her stuff to get her moved down here.  At least I get a break from him.

As a note to myself.....He has unpacked his room/bathroom/office and got it all set up.  I have unpacked the library, my bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, living rooms as well as the entire garage.  He has not done a thing to help me with all that.  So I personally think if I wanted to get really pissed at him....I have every right to do so.


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Lilly said...

Oh my God . . . this sounds so much like a day in my life before I moved out, even down to him saying the same thing I just said, but disagreeing that he did! Also the finger in the face. What the heck, do they all do this??? I really do hope that you've had some good days since this happened! Take care of yourself; you so deserve it. Oh, and by the way, I've slammed a lot of doors myself!

Hugs to you,