Saturday, April 07, 2012

The 4th house I looked at....I fell in love

2 blocks from my mom's retirement center.  Perfect for us.  Small retirement cottage.  3 bed, 2 bath.  Everything we need, so we made an offer today.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!

I'm back home.  Had so much fun with mom and my sisters.  They are about as excited as I am.  We pulled out 40 year old shrubs from in front of mom's apt yesterday and made a flower bed.  She will put in roses and flowers the first of May.  She was just so happy!!!

Hubby did quite well while I was gone, but says he's glad I'm back.  I know he does not like to be alone.

His visit to the GI.  Well, they agreed with my "diagnosis" that something went wrong at the surgery last year.  He is to go off all milk products for the next 30 days and take prescription probiotics to see if they can't jumpstart something they think stopped a year ago.  I can't remember the name, but it's like a gland or something.  I sure would be delighted if this works!

Monday, we go see his cardiologist.  These office visits sure are keeping us busy!!


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

a reader wrote:

Ok...I was going to write you this real long thing about how I am so glad I found your blog and I started going on about my situation, but then I realized that you're not my therapist. I just wanted to tell you that I am the wife (12 years) to a type 1 and reading your blog is the first time that I haven't felt alone. Thank you.

Yes, I'm not a therapist.  But sometimes, personal experience is better than practical advice.  I have yet to find a therapist who doesn't treat me like a textbook and I personally feel like I'm a person, not a book!  I haven't found one that is married to a diabetic, either.  So I'm not real sure the "advice" they give me is any good!!!  Plus, almost always, they tell me to spend my life supporting him, that I should eat what he needs to eat so that he will eat get my point!

I am a really good listener.  If you write and don't want me to copy it here, just tell me.  But then, once again, I think the more stories/feelings/emotions/problems that are out there, the more other readers might benefit from them.  It is so true that it helps just knowing we are not alone.

If you do email me outside this blog, just know that I do not always check this email daily.  But I'm getting better!

To the writer above, I am so happy you found me.  Now, go to my home page and look down the right side and you can find blogs of other spouses that write about their life - living with a diabetic spouse.  

Here's hoping we all have a quiet week!  I am headed back to visit mom on Thurs and will be gone most of the weekend.  It really does help to get away!!!


Monday, April 02, 2012

And the endo said....

I feel like I should be saying "behind doctor (door) #1is....behind doctor (door #2) is....."  Because every door (doctor) says something different!

I do like his endo.  She's pretty calm.  She actually looks at his chart and knows whats going on before we get there.

So we talked about how steady all the labs had been prior to the back surgery last year.  We talked about how nothing in our lifestyle, eating, exercise, etc. has changed since the surgery.  And then we asked her why his glucose is going up so high.

She had no answers.

There are 2 options.

1)  gastric bypass surgery
2)  continue to increase insulin and perhaps supplement with regular insulin.

1) he says no surgery ever ever ever again.  I can't blame him after the last one.
2) he says he will not take more shots.  2 per day is his maximum.

And the surgery probably would not be covered by his health insurance.

This morning's test at the office was 258 at 10:30 am and he had not had anything to eat since 6 pm last night.

I asked her if it was possible that something had gone wrong with his digestive system since the surgery, or if he had become insulin intolerant.  She wants to wait and see what the GI says.  We need to schedule that visit tomorrow.

He is so tired today.  Came home and slept all afternoon.  Still tired tonight.  Depression?  Only been on prozac about 5 days.  I'm sure time will tell.

If this keeps up, I'm going to need an antidepressant for myself!  :o)

DW2, I am so sorry for your hubby's lows.  I do think they scare me more than the highs.  I will keep the 2 of you in my prayers.

Sar, I'll guess that 80% of the population in the US is about 3 paychecks away from bankruptcy.  If we do not sell this house within a few months, we will be their ourselves.  I know so many people who are going through it or have gone through it recently.  Most tell me that it is emotionally devastating.  NOT something the spouse of a diabetic needs to go through as we need our strength to care for them.  But I really do understand what you are facing and know that we may be there all too soon.

Here's hoping this is a better week for all of us.