Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The stress of moving

Moving for anyone is a stressful time. Add diabetes to the mix and look out!!! Hubby is getting more exercise if nothing other than the non stop hunt and find game. The stress of not having what you need when you need it. He does not adjust his insulin on days when he is carrying boxes from storage to the house in hot weather. Daily lows. And he Ned's adrenaline to get that glucose up, so lots of yelling. I think of everything we have been thru and wonder if we will survive this. Major sugar crash at dinner last night. He simply went too long without any food. To resolve the Los? He ate 5 huge cookies. Yep, that's really nutritional. I asked if he wanted a glucose tab. No. He wanted cookies. He tried to assemble a ceiling fan yesterday and it isn't working. I'm wondering if a person can assemble anything epwhile having a low. And he continues to insist that he be in charge of finances. I'm calling him my idiot husband after the movie my idiot brother....he's sort of like the guy in that movie. The good thing for me is that my sisters stop by daily, ask if I need a break, insist that I get out, help me with the's wonderful!! As a note to self, he seems to have decided to cease all office visits. Said he is not going to the doctors again. Time will tell. I'm doing fine. Outside all the time. Today my sis and I started on a kennel for the pups. It's a different world when you can be outside so much of the time!! DW