Friday, January 18, 2008

Beyond Exhuasted (again)

I got 3 hours of sleep last night. Woke up to his flopping in the bed. He had taken his Cpap off again. I went downstairs to the family room and laid on the sofa. Tossed and turned...just could not go back to sleep. We got up at 5 am, were supposed to do a getaway weekend and take a train....which has been delayed for 5 hours. So I'm now back in bed, he's downstairs. I want to go to sleep so bad...but he has the TV so loud that it is vibrating the walls.

I've been praying all morning long for some sleep...I don't care what it takes.

I also asked him if he was taking the cpap with him this weekend and he is not.

I think the next time he wants to do a little getaway....I'll just tell him to go without me. I don't know how much longer I can go on 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I'm so exhausted right now I'm shaking.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's 1:30 am...

and another sleepless night for me. I think we are headed for separate bedrooms...but at the moment, I'm in the midst of painting the guest bedroom, so I'm on the sofa again tonight.

He does have a humidifier on his cpap machine. He just takes it off every night somewhere between midnight and 2 am. I did ask him again today if he needed to go have it checked or calibrated and he said he would make an appointment. It continues to amaze me that when he uses it, he does not snore, but more important, he does not bounce on the bed flopping his legs. The moment it comes off...the constant flopping on the bed starts in which wakes me up. I can handle the snoring because I can stick in ear plugs. But I can't handle the constant bouncing on the bed. Seriously, he flops so hard my whole body is bounced off the mattress!

Sort of funny....would make a great "I Love Lucy" comedy routine! But after 6 nights of waking up and not being able to get back to sleep....I'm pretty close to a meltdown. Hopefully I can get back to sleep in a few more minutes. Or at least within the next hour.

Here's hoping that we can find some resolution to this in the near future. Tomorrow..the eye exam he lied about last week. I have to this really an "eye exam"? :o)