Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend

It was long. But for the most part, it went quite well. Thursday was at mom's. First year in a long time that not all of the siblings showed up, but we still had a great day. My sis#2 and her hubby followed us home. They gifted us a new utility room floor this weekend. They also brought their 2 grandsons ages 10 and 13 with them.

Hubby did not do so well on Friday. His feet hurt. I think it was too much food on Thursday. So he took codine and slept most of the day. But Saturday, he was actually able to help out a little with the floor and on Sunday he helped move the washer and dryer back in.

It's actually quite a comedy of errors as all of us are over 50 now. We still think we are 20. BIL is a contractor so he at least could direct us in what needed to be done. The grandkids were a huge help and it was nice to see them (my great nephews). The will soon be grown and gone and live far enough away that I probably will not see them often at all.

We find out tomorrow what hubby's travel schedules are for the rest of the year. And that will determine what we do for the holidays.

The only other change I've noticed is that the cpap machine doesn't seem to be working as well as when he first got it. He is starting to flop his leg again even when he has the machine on. And he is starting to snore through the mask. I think I may ask him to check with his doctor to see if the machine needs an adjustment of some kind.

Other than that, all is well for the moment.