Monday, July 30, 2012


Two mornings ago, he walked outside of the house, outside the garage, into the back yard, in his tidy put the pups in the kennel.  I was already outside in the garden and when I saw him, I simply gasped!!!  This is a man who looks like he is 7 months pregnant....and he's  outside in nothing but his briefs.  No, not boxers...briefs.

OH MY GOD!!!  I simply wanted to scream my head off.  I quietly followed him into the house and in the quietest voice, I said, "please put some clothes on before you come outside."  He said, "why?  No one is going to see me"

I explained that our drive goes into the alley and anyone can go down that alley at any time.  My sisters drive into the back (our garage opens to the back yard and entrance is from the alley, and I'm usually in the garden) any time.

What on earth was he thinking?  That he could go outside completely undressed?  Is he losing his mind???

Then this morning - I know he was having a severe low - and he came completely unglued over a question I asked him.  And that lead to him screaming his head off about every grievance he has ever had in his entire life.  Mostly that no one cares about him, he should go kill himself, he's going to move out as soon as......

Honestly, he was yelling so loud and his words were so slurred I have no idea what he said.  I went to my sisters and spent the whole day there.  Came home about  5 pm and worked in the flower beds.  Came inside to a kitchen that had every pot and pan out on the cabinet - dirty.  The counter tops were a mess.  I'm not sure what he tried to fix today and I have no idea why it took every pan in the house.  I loaded them into the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen.  He must think I'm his personal maid.  Wait....I guess I am!!!  LOL!!!  I'm going to put my jammies on and close my door and watch a movie.

I'm just so tired of the ups and downs, the emotional roller coaster, the yelling, accusations, know what I'm talking about and it does help to know that there are other spouses who understand.


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Lilly said...

Your husband's asking "Why?" sounds like something mine would do. When I was still home, he was getting more and more inappropriate in public, and I have heard this is getting worse since I've left. I guess if we have to explain "why," they are never going to get it! Hoping for your sake that your hubby puts his pants on from now on before going out the door.

Take care of yourself,