Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Diabetes and back pain

Lynn, this is sort of for you based on your last comment.

And it's just my opinion, nothing professional.

We know that nerve endings die off in the feet and fingers first in a diabetic

But it makes sense to me that nerve endings are dying off inside....as well as outside.

Intestines - causing diahrrea, other complications

Kidneys - kidney failure

lungs - respiratory problems

and what else is dying off? Probably not just nerve endings. Is oxygen getting to all the parts of the body? Feet? Hands, etc.

We know that blood vessels die off due to high glucose. And if he's going low all the time, there's a matching "high" that's doing damage.

If vertebrae collapse, the spine curves.

And spinal column narrowing....has to be the same thing as blood veins narrowing...

When nerve endings die off, there's pain for 2 years.

The sciatia nerve...dying off? Does it? Can it? I'm sure it can.

Horrible, terrifying disease.

But life does go on. No matter what. Hubby's grandma died this week, one of my best friends from gradeschool died...and life goes on.

Hubby's cortisone injection wore off. In the blink of an eye. One day he was doing fine, the next day taking 2 dilaudid at a time.

One day he wasn't going to have back surgery, next day he's thinking about it.

One day, we were going to go away for the holidays, next day we aren't.

Next cortisone injection is Dec 8.

I think everything will change again - once he feels a little better.

But I have to survive between now and then!