Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lab results

First, thank you Lilly!  My surgery has been scheduled for 9/5.  We'll know more once the lab has finished with the mass once it's removed.

Hubby had new labs done (finally) this week.

His A1c is 6.4.  Amazing since the last one on 3/27/12 was 12.1.

Cholesterol is 173
Tryglicerides are 331....down from 1451
HDL is 28 (low)
Cholesterol non-HDL is 145
LDL is 79

His labs are looking so much better since we moved.  But I honestly think it's the reduction in stress since being laid off.  He really was in a mega stressful work situation. You'd think he'd be so estatic about these changes, but he's not.

I sure am!!!  Now to get him to move.  I'll see if he will go walk with me in the morning.  Lovely paths along the river here.  Only about 2 miles from the house.  We can drive down, park and walk.  He is not a morning person and by the time he wakes, it's usually too hot to walk.

Only time will tell.


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Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on your surgery - I will be thinking of you.

His numbers are amazing.
I think men react faster to an improved diet than women and think its not fair and yet yay for him!

and yet he doesn't seem to appreciate it