Sunday, July 22, 2012


All of my sisters and one of our female cousins were together this weekend along with an artist pal of mine.  The word "ignoramus" came up - it was a word we could use during our childhood days as we weren't allowed to curse.  If we didn't like someone, we would call them an "ignoramus".  I thought it meant idiot.  So, we looked it up.

It means:  A really ignorant person. Someone who doesn't know how the world works, and doesn't CARE to know.

and I had to laugh as it sort of describes hubby's attitude towards his diabetes.  He does not CARE to know what is going on in his body.

He is now buying 2 bottles of glucose tabs every week at the grocery store.  Along with 24 power bars.    In addition, this week he has eaten 2 10" cherry pies.  3 Snickers bars and who knows what else.

Obviously he's gaining weight again.   My friend said he looks like he's perpetually 7 months pregnant.

And he is refusing to go to any of his doctors.  No checkups.  No labs.  No A1c.

I know.....I can't fix him.



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Boop82 said...

Ok, I like that word : ) It's perfect in every way.