Friday, September 07, 2012




Surgeon said it does not look cancerous

Pathology in a week

Interesting...problems breathing without oxygen in recovery

Took  4 hours to breathe on my own

Finally, success, release, 3 hr drive gone

48 hrs later it feels like the semi hit me head on!

Will be as good as new in a couple more days.

Glad it's over and the mass is out

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Memory problems

We have a PO box that has a different zip code from our street address.  He was quoting the PO box and gave the street zip.  I reminded him there was a difference and he said, " no, they are the same"

When I repeated each zip code to him, he claimed he did not know they were different.

When we moved in, I gave him both addresses in writing.

Fortunately it's a small enough town that things get delivered.

Until yesterday when he learned that the gas company has not been delivering any bills to us.