Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another visit - went well

Hubby was here for about 10 days.  Everything went well.  He visited his docs, got his prescriptions renewed, had his labs done.  And he still has not "allowed" me to know the results.  I just find that pretty suspicious!!!  But I have decided this is part of letting go.  There is no reason for me to know what his labs are.  As long as he is not living here in the same house with me.  We were very "polite" to each other during his visit.  I was gone for 4 days to an art retreat so we really didn't have much time together.

I often wonder what will happen when his dad dies.  Does he think he can just move back in with me after this long of a separation?  In my mind, the only reason we are not divorced is because he needs my health insurance.  And while he will qualify for Medicare at the end of this year, I have been researching and it does not appear that his Humulin RU500 is on any Medicare formulary, so he will need to stay with my insurance. 

There is some conflict in my mind knowing that I cover him for his health insurance and he will not let me know what his labs are.  That will change if he wants to return here. 

I suppose lots of things will change.  But I cannot worry about it until then.  :o)  In the meantime, I'm getting ready to take an overseas vacation with my youngest sister, I've started working 1-2 days per week in a local craft store, I'm having fun designing pieces of art and in another month or so, I can start gardening for this year.  Well, I suppose we should wait until the middle of May the way the weather has been going in most parts of this country.  :o)

My health remains good.  My 2 sisters both quit their jobs last week, so that gives us more time to share together.  I'm happy.  Life is good.  :o)