Friday, October 12, 2007

How long will he live on dialysis?

There's a new comment on the 9/30 blog from the widow of a non-compliant diabetic. In answer to your questions, yes, I've done the research:

75% of those who go on dialysis after the age of 50 live 5 years or less. 25% will live longer than 5 years, but the stats drop significantly. Most of them die from a heart attack.....from damage caused to the nerve endings in the heart.

So I do think I'm being quite realistic about all of this. I'm trying to enjoy the time we have left.

Your comment is quite timely as we had just been out to dinner tonight. I hope it was the lighting in the restaurant, but I looked at him and was just floored by how "old" and weak he looked. I know the foot surgery has zapped him of his energy, but I couldn't help wondering how long we have left.

At the same time, I cannot begin to think about the "what if's" his demise would bring. I don't know how you managed to get through it. I can't worry about that now..I have to worry about just getting through today with him.

His foot is giving him substantial pain and he is knocking back the pain pills at a rate greater than I am comfortable with. With his low kidney function, it just cannot be good. Fortunatley, he goes to see the surgeon on Monday.

Here's to all of us spouses of non-compliant diabetics. May you have a peaceful weekend. You deserve it!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is it Thursday already?

LOLOL! Where does the time go? I swear, I bury myself in my studio...and have no sense of life around me! Well, until he calls my cell phone and I run upstairs to help him out.

He's doing a lot better today. Even talking about getting out a bit. He goes back to the doctor on Monday. And then he is waiting on a call back from the kidney specialist as he needs to see him. His moods have been a bit more mellow this week..or maybe it's just that I've been hiding from him. :o)

I'm enjoying the quiet this week. Still sleeping in the other bedroom until he gets the "boot" removed as he needs the extra space to spread out and prop his foot up on pillows.

I've also noticed that he has cut back on eating so much candy and cookies. Excellent step! Now..if we can just get rid of the potato steps!

Monday, October 08, 2007

A mood a moment

I'm so tired of mood swings. But I relate them more and more to sugar levels. And I'm handling them a little better...I think. Today, we were joking and laughing about lunch. He said he didn't want to drive, so I said I'd drive, but he had to decide where we go to eat. He named a restuarant and I jokingly said, "Oh gag me!"

And he got mad. And immediately I thought, "he must be low". So I just said to him, "what is your problem....we are just joking..I don't care where we go to lunch"..and I think the tone of my voice must have said it all because he got over his fit real quick. He ate lunch and he was pefectly fine after that.

But it's enough to make me want to run away from home.