Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My personal retreat

My sis is here and we have turned this house into a retreat! Using the jacuzzi, soaking my feet, using the hot wax foot bath...things like that! And designing in my studio, experimenting with new products, just having some girl time and some fun!

Talked to hubby tonight. This is a major proposal, a billion dollar deal, and he is working from 7 am til 11 pm. Well, that's when he quit tonight. He's also in a hotel and eating every meal out. Tonight was a business dinner...I'll bet money he had steak and dessert! I know his adrenaline is running full blast, which means his sugars are high. I know he will run like this all week long. He flies in Saturday....and then he will have a major crash that will last probably 3 days based on past experiences.

If I were smart...I would pack up and leave Sunday morning and go visit mom for 3 days! He is at sea level this week, so his feet are doing just great...of course. So, if he stays true to past practice, when he gets back here, to this altitude, his feet will get infected again and the increased pain will put him back in bed for 2 -3 weeks.

At least I now know what to expect and can sort of plan for it. I'll just have as much fun as I can this week and then revert to my role of caregiver next week. At least there is some balance to this at the moment. I have my creative outlet and this is my second week of playing. I should be good and ready come next week!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Home alone!

Well, I know it was the title of a movie...but I'm back home and he's gone traveling....so I have a whole week alone! We met at the airport this morning. He said his feet are just fine...but he wasn't able to meet me at my gate, the walk was too far

I'm just going to enjoy the week!