Sunday, July 05, 2009

My hilarious diabetic stalker

Some people are just way toooooooo angry about having this disease!

If you move it to a forum that you couldn't moderate then people would find out all the angry comments you get from people who HAVE walked a mile in your HUSBAND's shoes - something YOU have never done. From people who actually UNDERSTAND diabetes.

You can continue to moderate my comments just as I can continue to comment anyway.

You just have to feel sorry for someone like this. Don't know if it's a man or a woman, but apparently someone who has diabetes because they "have" walked a mile in my husband's shoes.

A. My blog is about spouses. NOT about diabetics.
B. This is about living with someone who has diabetes. NOT about living with diabetes.
C. This is about walking a mile in a spouse's shoes....NOT a diabetic's shoes.
D. This is about actually and literally understanding what people who have diabetes do to those around them.

So dear anonymous....I just pray that one day you can get past your anger and figure out what the heck it is I am writing about! I'm not writing about you, the diabetic, I'm writing about my life, about what I deal with, about how it is to be married to a diabetic.

Why on earth do I want to post "all the angry comments" I get from diabetics? I understand you are angry. That's what makes being a spouse so difficult - we have to live with all your anger.

So there, I have posted your comment. Perhaps one day you will understand that this blog is NOT for those who have walked a mile in my husband's shoes. It for those who have walked a mile in the shoes of someone married to a diabetic. :o)

Before you send me another snooty comment....think about that for a bit. If you have really walked a mile in my husband's you understand at all what I am going through? How could you? You need to be married to a diabetic before you can possilby understand what a diabetic puts their spouses through.

The fact that you still don't get that is what makes all this so hilarious.


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EDONAdesigns said...

I feel for you. I thank you. My DH would never blog, let alone read a blog, but he would completely understand the shoes you walk in. I've been Type 1 diabetic for 37 years. My DH and I have been married for 15+ years. I always, always thank him for marrying me, because I know it was probably one of the hardest things he's ever done. But, he's stood by me. He's picked me up when I've fallen (on floors, through shower doors, etc..) with a low blood sugar. He's learned to tone me out when I'm ranting with a high and he can set his clock to the minute when I come down the hallway after a shower and a pump change and my sentence starts with "Guess what...?" He and our two kids all shout in unison... "you hate diabetes!". Sorry about the stalker. They're out there! And, there do seem to be a lot of angry ones.